Thursday, July 13, 2006


Here are some pics from the trip out here as well as some local shots...

The new car ready to go

Open road

I think we saw this truck a few times

Look, ma, a train....

The desert does strange things to a camera

I think the name says it all...

Visitor center...looks very Southwestern, no?

Yucca plant

The desert

More desert

and again

sun setting....on the desert

Vicki the desert

you can guess where this be...

Stop and shop!!

complete with Running Indian (no, I did not make that up!)

Another stop on the way


Look ma! Another train!

Oooh, Saguaros!! You know we're in Arizona!!

Cactus bud

Along the Continental Divide

We made it to Cali!!

...and miles to go....

Our little hotel in 29 Palms

There's our room

Greenery at the hotel

The view from our little hilltop

Which-a-way, George??

Joshua Tree National Park
Visitor Center

Ocotillo Cactus

I could use a beer...
hey! Look!! Damn! Empty!

The Joshua Trees begin

Doesn't look much fun to climb

Life in the desert

Dried broken gourd

My car looks so small!

Too bad they had this sign where there
weren't very many Joshua Trees...

Some cool rock formations

I tried to climb this one and sit in the eyeball...
I just couldn't make it..too short

This one's got to be quite old

Ah! Finally, the forest!

Another view

Vicki in the forest, looking awfully tiny in comparison!

Ok, we're going the right way!!

Boxes in the dining room...

Boxes in the kitchen...

Boxes in the bedroom....

Vicki gets to work!!

El gato checking things out...

and making sure the chairs are up to snuff

The local train stop...

St. Joseph Church

Old tree on the beach

Carpinteria State Beach

People walking along the beach

Woman walking her dog

Sea anemone

And a few more having a party...

A clam showing off...

Crabby Joe

The beach in the other direction

High tide coming

July 1st car show

Linden Avenue in Carpinteria

Jacaranda and Palm Trees


Liz said...

Beautiful Pictures Claudia!! I love the ones in the desert, they almost don't look real. And the ones of the feet on the beach, very cool.

k said...


ddumping said...

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bdfytoday said...

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C. said...

Thank you, and for those that I don't know, I hope you continue to visit!!

bdfytoday said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Pamela said...

I've become a time traveler.

I let WT talk me into it.

Melissa said...

I had to comment because of your White Sands pictures...Cory was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base for four years. My son was born in Alamogordo. Nobody knows where this is, but then holy crap, there are some pictures of White Sands! :)

Vicki said...

Willow brought me by here with his link. This post was PreVicki Blogging days.

The picture is not ME vicki.. it's another Vicki? Is she charming as well? =)

marnie said...

I would like to know how long it took to upload all those photos.

Hour and a half?

Great shots. My fave is the old tree on the beach. Beautiful.

Mert said...

Here via Once Upon a Blog, wiloowtree. I love the photos! I especially like the "people walking on the beach" and the "cactus buds".

sexy said...
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