Sunday, August 13, 2006


I love the fact that I am allowed to paint my apartment. Today, I painted another wall in the kitchen. This color is called Tropicana Cabana. It's a beautiful Caribbean ocean blue. Paired with the lime green, it's amazing. I could stare at that blue for hours. I just find it calming, yet also invigorating!

I've also chosen the colors for the dining and living room, which are all pretty much connected to the kitchen (no doors separating them.) The living room will be a palette of warm, rich colors, that remind me a lot of ripe tropical fruit. For example, the Calypso Orange makes me think of ripe red papaya. The dining room, being the connector, will have both warm and cool colors. It's going to be great. It might take me a bit to complete, but at least the process is started. The hardest part for me is usually choosing the colors. This time, it's been relatively easy. I've chosen colors I like, colors that make me feel good. Now, I just have to finish painting.

I went out for beer tonight with my landlady and her husband. She commented on how quickly I am getting myself situated and the apartment set up. Although I would like it to be further along, I have to admit that, for the most part, I've done pretty well. I'm down to maybe 1-2 boxes of thing that I still have to find a place to store. It could be because I did get rid of so much before coming out here, it could be that maybe I'm just getting more organized as I get older. Still, not bad at all considering the first time I moved on my own, after 6 months, I still had boxes I still needed to put away! Amazing how things change.


C said...

I wish I could paint my apt.

C. said...

Yeah, I was very surprised when my landlady said I could! I had already figured on hanging tapestries for color. I also had this idea to color a bunch of square boards and hanging them up on the walls. I don't know how that would have actually worked though.

k said...

ohhh nice!

C. said...

Ya like?