Wednesday, August 16, 2006

drama happens

The other day, I was talking to a fellow student about our latest assignment. He told me he'd had everything lined up for past Friday but then "drama happened," and the shoot was put off until Sunday. Well, Sunday, "the drama spilled over" and he still had not done his assignment. I love that phrase, "drama happened." It's like Seinfeld's "yada yada yada." It could mean anything!! hmmm, let's see the possibilities...

"I was supposed to shoot on Friday, but my lover's gay ex-girlfriend showed up crying because she realized that she wasn't gay after all and was ready to kill herself because she didn't know who or what she was anymore, but my lover, still being in love with her, slapped her and said, 'how could you? you left me because you were gay and now you decide you're not? Just when I've finally moved on?!? I hate you!!"

"I was supposed to shoot on Friday, but my foot fell asleep, and it hurt to walk. So instead, I hobbled around the house trying to wake my foot up, but every time I tried to put my foot down, it felt like a thousand fire ants had marched into my foot. Eventually, my foot actually fell off, and I had to go to the hospital to get it sewn back on, but in the emergency room, someone tried to steal my foot, which was still sleeping by the way and didn't know what was happening. Eventually, I got my foot back but Sunday the stitches came apart and my foot ran off without me!"

"I was supposed to shoot on Friday, but once we got to the shoot, giant pink lizards were sunning themselves right where we were supposed to shoot, and-have you ever tried to get a giant pink lizard to move so you can do your shot? Let me tell you, those things won't budge! Not only that, you have to be careful that they don't eat you, which could really put a damper on the shoot."

"I was supposed to shoot on Friday, but my model got eaten by a giant pink lizard and, well, she couldn't make it, as she's....dead."

Well, you get the idea. It's a funny phrase, and I've probably used it myself. It just made me smile because it could mean anything. Don't you just love the English language?


C said...

I like your foot drama-logue. I can see how that applies to some of my co-workers. There's this one guy in my office that really strikes mes as gay. He has too much design savoire-faire for his own good and he does this thing with his mouth and his hands that makes him look so gay...yet he's married and his wife is pregnant. He's the I am playing straight but really gay with great baby room designer taste guy.

C. said...

I knew a guy once I thought was secretly gay, and I even told him so!! He dated a friend of mine for a while, and she thought so too!! Occasionally, he would do the wrist flip thing, and drink from cups with his pinky up! It was hysterical. Even my mom thought he was!!

willowtree said...

Claudia, can I have the foot drama story? I think if I put enough emotion into it they may just fall for it.

C. said...

Of course!! You'll have to let me know if it works!!