Thursday, August 31, 2006

el gato

I suppose it's time to write about the cat (remember the cat?) She is my baby, and one spoiled rotten cat. I got her from the SPCA a few years back. I decided it was time for me to have my very own pet (and I would love him and squeeze him and name him George...) I really wanted a dog, but I was travelling a lot for work and I knew I didn't have the time to take care of a dog. I didn't think it would be fair for me to get a dog and then be gone 3-4 days a week. So I decided to get a cat. A cat does just fine for a few days by itself as long as it has food, water and a place to p&p. I wanted a cat that was reasonably affectionate and not necessarily a kitten either. In fact, I wanted an older cat so I wouldn't have to try and teach it not to claw everything in sight. So off to the SPCA I went.

I was looking at all the kitties in there, and of course, I wanted to take them all!! Eventually, I spoke with a volunteer who told me about this cat "Midnight" that was older and very sweet, a 6-yr old male cat and brought me to the cage. There was the cat, lying on its side back towards everyone. I called, "midnight... This cat flicked the tail at me, then looked at me, and looked away, as if to say, "whatever." The sign on the door said this cat had been there since March, and it was now July. No wonder.

Ok, let's see how this cat and I get along. Off to the private room we went. Kitty walked around, sniffed here and there, and was reasonably cat-like and pleasant. I didn't think the name fit, as this cat wasn't all was black and white and acted quite...dainty?? But, I was able to hold this kitty, and we got along just fine. I didn't have supplies at home to bring kitty home, so I had to come back.

Oddly enough, when I went to get kitty, it turned out that there was a mix up and the cat I had bonded with happened to be a 3yr old female (also named Midnight.) And so I took her. She's been a great cat. The longer I have her, the more affectionate she's become.But the name Midnight never fit her. In fact, if I tried to call her that, she'd look at me and look away, as if to say, "I don't think so." It took me over a year to find a better name for her.

It finally happened when I had friends visiting me, and as usual, my little kitty was following me around the house. (She is a funny cat. I'll pick her up, and she complains the whole time..."mreow..meow..meeeeeoow..miao..." as she purrs!! I mean, she's a cat, she has to keep her dignity, no? ) So, my friends and I were hanging out, and being the mature adults that we are, we were looking up looney tunes and trying to find sound waves of various characters!! We looked up Pepe LePew, and one of my friends, looking at the cat, said, "hey, that's your cat!" And it was true. She acts the same! Le mew. le purr. Little Miss Thang.

But I didn't know the cat's name from pepe le pew. The next day, I called another friend of mine. She knows much more than I do about these types of important matters, and I asked her the cat's name from pepe le pew. She thought it was Penelope. It sounded right to me. Kitty was on the floor nearby, and I called, "Penelope." She looked right at me, "finally! you got it! it took you long enough!!"

So, little miss thang got her new name. I call her other things, twerp, my girl and stinker (you can guess about that one.) She has now endured two long car rides. She hates the car. And when I'm done here, she'll come with me to the next stop.Like I said, the longer I have her, the more affectionate she's become. I've gained her trust. She even lets me rub her stomach as she stretches and purrs. This never happened at the beginning! I think she knows she's with me for keeps.


willowtree said...

It doesn't really matter what you call a cat, it's not going to come anyway!

I've got two cats here with me and MDW has one on the Coast, they're the ultimate low maintenance pet.

You leave a dog alone over night and you'll be praying it's still alive when you get home and when you do get back it will be hysterical with joy.

A cat on the other hand will look at you and say 'hmm haven't see you for a while'. That's why I like them.

C. said...

Willow, believe it or not, but my cat must have some dog mixed into the gene pool somehow because she usually comes when I call her (especially if she's outside!) She follows me around the house to check up on me and will actually greet me at the door when I get home (then goes back to her business of sleeping...)

Swampwitch said...

I have to admit, I'm not a cat lover, but I do admire their dispositions...a dog will fetch you shoes and stand there drooling asking, "Whadyawantmetodonow?"...a cat will tell you to fetch your own shoes...this post will refer to your comments on my GLOB. The reason is, I'm having a difficult time organizing my new GLOBLIFE to know what I posted where and to whom and when...Good job on just missing one IS(Visual/Spatial link should go here)...most people miss everything...concerning our battles with GLOBBER, "I fought the GLOBBER and the (pause) GLOBBER won."...
When I go to the DUMMY section of the bookstore today to buy something about HMTL or HTML or whatever those letters are, I'll pick up the soundtrack to "Amelia"
Thanks for the info.

k said...

but what happened to the little boy kitten? the story is fraught with mystery.

C. said...

sorry k, but he stayed behind. I'm sure someone eventually adopted him but I couldn't have two cats!! even though occasionally I think about it just to teach penelope to get along with other kitties! (she's just a jealous little thang..)

Doppleganger said...

My cat Tigger comes when I call him any of his assorted names, he greats me at the door (although I think it's only to be fed), knows when I am having a bad day and I don't know what my life would be without cats in general.

C. said...

DG..yes..and you've seen how Penelope follows me!