Thursday, August 17, 2006

Recent pics

A yellow float with an oil derrick in the background.

Walking along the beach, this stone
was getting tumbled by the waves.

The morning after my rant session,
I awoke to the sun!

An estuary near the beach.

Reflection of rocks. The water is not usually this calm.

I thought this gnarly old tree was pretty cool.

This, I've been told, is a ground squirrel.
I'm used to squirrels with big fluffy tails.


C said...

oooh freeaakly evil looking squirrel.

C. said...

yes, I found out what they were when I asked, "what are those weird rat-prairie dog things running around?"

willowtree said...

Hmmm, a dilemma. What do you say to a person studying photography? 'Nice photos' sounds like an insult, whereas normally it would be a compliment.

the hell with it...nice photos. and that was meant purely as a compliment.

I don't know if you get notification of new comments, but if you don't I just cut and pasted some info about the inversion layer.

C. said...

hey, nice photos works for me! I don't feel insulted at all. Thank you! I'll go check out the inversion layer right now!

Mouse said...

Love the pic of rocks and water!

C. said...

I have a picture I took in Maine you would love...when I go home for Christmas, I plan on bringing the boxes of pictures and folders of negatives and slides back here with me, and it's in there somewhere. I will find it!!