Sunday, August 20, 2006

Visiting LA

Wow, yesterday turned out to be a long day. I headed down to LA, on the train, and then floundered around a bit because I don't really know the city or the metro system all that well, but at least for a first visit, it was good. I found LA reminds me a bit of New York, only with palm trees and less skyscrapers! For one thing, you find every sort of person, from the shishi-fifi set to the downright scary (even though, appearances can be fooling, but if I see a 6ft+ guy, wearing black leather, with kickass military boots and a tough look on his face in the metro, I don't try to find out.) There is so much to do, that I think the best strategy is to know ahead of time what you want to do when you're there, and how to get there. So, I had wanted to go to the Observatory, but I didn't make it. Instead, I ended up in Hollywood, quite fitting considering it's my first foray into LaLa Land! So, here are some pics I took with my handy-dandy little digital camera while I was there.

This was as I came out of the metro,
my first look around Hollywood.


(apparently though, the happily ever after didn't work
and now she's trying to make a living like the rest of us.)

Front of the Kodak theater.

Another view of the Kodak.

Who would have thought that a sign originally put
up as an advertisement would become a landmark?

The shops at the Kodak.

Aah! White elephants attacking! ggrr...arghhh..
(yes, I know elephants don't ggrr or arghh...
but I'm in Hollywood now! It's OK!)

In the courtyard of the shops at the Kodak.
The fountains were fun to watch.

Ooh, sunglasses! How fun!

This was a store display (there's the sunglasses again!!)

And right next door, the Janice Dickinson modeling agency.
Hmm...I wonder if this had any inspiration for the display??

There were some cool tabletops that I combined into one pic.

There were quite a few of these mosaic tile quotes around.

Here we have Highland Ave.

This juxtaposition seems pretty typical
of what I've seen of California so far.

Is it just me, or does it seem weird that there is a huge
Victoria's Secret billboard on the side of the Roosevelt?

Virgin Megastore!! I was so good!!! I didn't buy even one CD!!
It's true!! I wanted to, very much so, but I didn't!!

Is an explanation really necessary??

It was getting a bit overwhelming at times. Not
a great picture, but it conveys the feeling.

And just like NY, garbage on the sidewalks. Interesting, eh?

And on the other side of the street...

Hey, this could be a street corner in Miami too!!

Closer view of the tourist trap.

Hotel and hostel, right in Hollywood. Hmmmm...

Again, a little closer, interesting design.

Breakdancing is alive and well in LA!! These guys were awesome!!
I tried to catch the feel, but a video cam would have been better! Watch.


Waiting for the metro back to Union Station.

And finally, heading back home on the train.
This reminds me of the surfer shorts of the 80s!


C said...

Awesome awesome!!!! I so miss L.A. Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or the Santa Monica beach strand and pier area great location as well.

willowtree said...

What a great essay. Interesting that some things struck you as miami-like, I've always had that opinion.

Griffith Park is good. If you go there, on the corner of Los Feliz blvd and something is the House of Pies, you have to treat yourself, its not expensive at all.

C. said...

There will definitely be more trips to LA!! I've only just gotten my first taste...

Liz said...

Great pictures Claud! Did you get to see a smogset while you were there?! I just remember the sunsets being beautiful there. Not sure if it was because of the smog or because it was the west coast.

C. said...

I don't know whether it was a smogset or regular sunset I saw....hmmm...