Saturday, September 09, 2006

Small apartments and visitors

So, yesterday, I'm sound asleep and I get woken by this sound... "tink, ting tinkatinkatinka. (pause) ting, tink, tingatingatingatinktink." That would be Mom having her coffee. ok..I roll back to sleep. She gets up way to early for me. It's still dark out.

Then, later, I hear..."blahblah....blah Osama bin blah blah blah blahblah..." Ok, that's too much. The tv happens to be right by my door. Even though she's got it turned down low, it still woke me. And the last thing I want to wake up to is the news! ugh. So, I got up to let her know I can hear the tv. She said it was too dark to read, and she didn't want to turn the lights on because she thought they would wake me!! LOL...instead it's the opposite! She can turn the lights on, I'll keep right on sleeping, but turn on TV or radio and I'm up!! It's the same with going to sleep. I have a sister that easily falls asleep with the TV on, but even a little light will disturb her. Me? I'm the opposite. Go ahead, leave the lights on if you need, I'll still sleep, but if the TV or radio is on, I have to hear what's happening, and I won't go to sleep!!

Today, we're off to wine country.


Karmyn R said...

Have you noticed that the tv is a lot louder in the early morning than late at night?

C said...

Everything seems louder in the morning huh?

willowtree said...

That's because there's less background noise.

Doppleganger said...

As long as I am in my own bed in my own "home", I can pretty much sleep through anything, unless someone is near me. For whatever reason, I can always sense whether someone is right next ot me or not.