Friday, September 22, 2006

something different from world of fashion

I saw this on the news as I was trying to find information on the fires the other day and I'd thought that I'd post before I forgot about it!
Fashion News

I am particularly amused by this from the article:
"I think its outrageous, I understand they want to set this tone of healthy beautiful women, but what about discrimination against the model and what about the freedom of the designer," said Gould, Elite's North America director, adding that the move could harm careers of naturally "gazelle-like" models.

From what I've heard, the fashion industry has no problem telling their models that they need to lose weight. So what's the problem with telling a naturally "gazelle-like" model that she has to gain enough weight to be healthy?? Looking at the picture of the gazelle above, I'd say that the gazelle looks quite bones sticking out, good muscle tone. The fashion industry, to a certain extent, promotes ideals. Most models are at least 5'7 (which is considered a bit short!!) I will never be 5'7 (well that't not true, I can get on a stepstool!!hehe). So the next step would be to be thin? Ok, not bad, but to become so thin it's unhealthy? No thank you, but I do want to get to a healthy weight for my height. To quote Gilda Radner:"I just don't get what all the fuss is all about!"


M J said...

I love the use of the term "heroin chic look." Because what is beautiful if it isn't some vacant eyed, cracked out, skeletal Sally who gets knocked over in the wind picks up.


Doppleganger said...

Reuters story out of London
Giorgio Armani[]blamed stylists and the media for the fashion industry's obsession with ultra-thin women.

A debate about models' weight has shaken the fashion world in recent days since Madrid banned excessively thin women from its catwalks after accusations their appearance may cause eating disorders in young women.

Armani Quotes:
"I have never wanted to use girls that are too skinny. I prefer girls that show off my clothes in the best way,"

"Unfortunately though, the stylists and also the media have interfered and they now want models that are incredibly thin."

"No one thinks that for a girl to be fashionable she needs to be anorexic, that she must not eat. I will only take on healthy girls,"

Matt said...

I used to have a girlfriend that was 5'10" and naturally thin and it's true that some people are just built that way and it can be hurtful for people to make comments about their bodies--like many people are not fat but are instead "big-boned."

But she went through periods where, even for being so naturally willow-like, she didn't look healthy. Not dieting for the sake of looks, but maybe because of her depression.

When you see bones and loss of muscle, that's bad. They develop some type of better metric to tell whether a model is healthy for her build. And if you think that's the state getting too paternalistic, consider that many of these models are minors.

The heroin look is out.

C. said...

MJ, yes, I saw much of that in some of the streets of Baltimore!!
DG...It's certainly someone's doing...I think societal trends as a whole really.
Matt, as usual, you bring up some interesting points...Your naturally thin ex...I'm sure she had her issues as you said about people's comments. I had a roommate that was naturally thin and while I weighed myself to see if I had lost weight, she would weigh herself to see if she had gained weight (I helped her out with massive amounts of pasta!!) And as you mentioned that many models are's even more important for them to be healthy because their bodies are not fully developed yet. The standard Madrid set is a BMI of 18. That's still very thin. I definitely like the trend towards a healthy look!

C said...

This is very seriously the problem. I am 5'8" and I will never weight under 140 without first starving myself and working out nonstop day and night and maintain that pace and maybe just eat a few more things once in a blue moon.

C. said...

C, at 5'8 you have a lot of leeway for a healthy weight. Going by BMI calculations, you could weigh 160 and still be a healthy weight!! BMI does have its limitations but works as a general guideline for the general populace!