Sunday, October 22, 2006

top 10

The top 10 things I will do when this session ends...just a few more days of torture...

10. Clean the apartment...apparently, the cleaning fairy has decided to boycott my house. I think I'm too much.

9. Paint my living room wall...the color is called HOT MOON! No, it's not bright white...I like to think of it as the color of a ripe rich mango.

8. Get my Ikea Expedit Bookcase...I have been wanting to get this, but Ikea is 80miles away. I don't just want it, I need it.

7. Shop for fun. I haven't been to any decent stores or had a leisurely afternoon of just browsing and maybe buying something I don't really need but just want in a really long time. It's good for the soul.

6. Go to the beach. I need some sun!

5. Find a hiking trail and make a day/afternoon of it!

4. Visit Malibu and Santa Monica...maybe I'll even see some famous people, but usually unless they are right next to me, I'm quite oblivious, after all, isn't it all about me?

3. Go to a musuem...expand my horizons

2. Read...I haven't done much of that for fun lately

1. Nothing...absolutely nothing!!


Pamela said...

nothing was the best of all

mist1 said...

I want to do all of those things too. Except for the cleaning part. I think I just have to move and start over.

Irene said...

I hope you get to do all ten items in your list. If not, just stick to number one and you're good. :p

Enjoying your blog. Keep at it! c",)

Matt said...

you're gonna drive 80 miles to an ikea. you dork.

funny how you thought i might have died 'cause i was away from my blog for a weekend. i'm going to have so much writing to do tomorrow.

i went to a baptist service today for a joke and then did some other silly things. what a weekend.

Claudia said...

Pamela, that is why Nothing is #1!! Top priority!

Mist, I have considered the same tactic. Unfortunately, I would have to bring my mess with me.

Irene, hello and welcome. Nothing is definitely the priority. I will visit your site soon...need to finish the school work first!

Matt, did I forget to mention I am a dork? You still love me!

Matt said...

claudia, you are a dork. Driving 80 miles to ikea. some folks. i'll have to write about it all tom. no, i wasn't saved but i DID want to "testify."

I felt the spirit. 68 days until christmas, claudia.

Swampwitch said...

Oh my goodness. A list. A list.
I love lists. When you have a second, go see my post today. It's all about lists. I love people who make lists...
Hope you accomplish everything here. There are rules to following lists, you know?

Mouse said...

I'm with the others re 10.
"A spotless home is the sign of a wasted life"
I'd opt for 6.
In fact, since it's stopped raining in Brittany, that is precisely what we will do!
Thanks for the inspiration...
(I wonder if IKEA have reached France yet? Probably not, even the 21st century has eluded Brittany!)

Karmyn R said...

Skip the museum - go to the beach (that museum will still be there tomorrow. The beach might wash away!!!!) :)

and I always enjoy taking a book to a big hot bubbly bath - it is kind of like doing nothing and reading for fun at the same time.

Nihilistic said...

All sound like fun to me...of course Ikea is just across the bridge for me!! ;)

Matt said...

viva la dork!

C said...

My list might be like this:

1. feel better
2. play with my son more
3. get ready for california in a just two months

SongBird said...

Sounds like a plan. Do them all!! Complete the list!

Claudia said...

Swampwitch, I've never been much of a list maker but it really does help!!

Mouse, want to come visit so we can go to Ikea together?? :P

Nihilistic..Why don't you give me a paper cut and pour some salt in it while you're at it.... :)

C, I hope you feel better soon!!

Songbird...I will try...of course, #1 is my priority!

Vicki said...

last time I was in santa monica I seen Dick VanDyke, Red Buttons, the lady from the Partridge Family, and Melanie Griffith. some other people too but that's all I can remember.

Do all on your list, and on the last day do nothing.

Swampwitch said...

RE: worry. There's never a time limit at the Globasylum. Take your time and