Wednesday, November 15, 2006

[Insert appropriate string of Tourette's words...]

That's about how I feel right now. FSDHMF!! Now, usually, I don't cuss very much unless I'm riled up!! In fact, some people I've known were under the impression I didn't cuss because they'd never heard those sorts of words coming out of my mouth. But sometimes, it really helps blow off some steam!!

I'm going to my second class today to hand in another assignment that I will have to redo. I got back the assignment that was due the first class, and the teach is making me reshoot both parts (35mm and 4x5). I knew I had to redo the 4x5 because I had done it wrong to begin with, but I thought the 35mm was fine!! No. He's making me redo it. From what I've heard, everyone except for 1 person has to reshoot. He said my focus needs improvement (and I used autofocus!!) What gets me is that he actually had it marked "good" at first then crossed it out and checked "needs improvement." I can imagine it...

Teacher sitting there, with stack of notebooks, lightbox and loupe. He gets to mine, reviews it..."hmm...not bad on the 35mmm. good, good...Oh wait a second. Since she has to reshoot the 4x5, I might as well have her reshoot the 35mm as well. Yeah, that's it. What can I mark her off on? Focus! I'll say the focus needs improvement! Yeah that's it! The practice will be good for her! hehehe"

Ok, I'm exaggerating, I don't really think he did that, but I am still aggravated that I have to redo the whole damned thing! ARGH!! And that's only the first part.

Back to the assignment that is due today. It's a 4x5 black and white print, which we had to process. Unlike 35mm film, these are sheets of film that slide into place on the reel, and then have plastic little "gates" that you have to click into place to hold the sheets there during processing. First, I couldn't get them on, they kept falling off. (I'll try to get a picture of this contraption later.) Then, when I finally got everything loaded and started processing, my tank was leaking!! When I finally got done, my negative looked horrible. It's incredibly underexposed and I don't know why. It's frustrating. I know that once I get organized, it won't be such a big deal, but right now I feel scattered into a thousand little pieces. Yes, little pieces of me are floating up into the atmosphere right now, swirling at their freedom. In the meantime, I'm down here trying to gather all these pieces back.


Swampwitch said...

I hope you can gather up all the pieces, organize them, and then be able to remember where you put them... Just think how good you'll feel when you turn that assignment in, again.

Doppleganger said...

These are one of the days where you just need to step back and go for a walk on the beach or something and then come back. It will help bring back the calm and may give you better focus (no pun intended).

willowtree said...

I feel for you, it must be frustrating.

I'm wondering whether there isn't a method in the teacher's madness. Given that being a profesional photographer means that your work will always have to satisy someone else, maybe he's just getting you mentally prepared for it.

The other thing that strikes me is that a lot of time seems to be spent on technology that is ultimately going to be fairly rare within a few years. By the time you get a job, the place you work for will probably be digital.

When I did IT at University, much of the time was spent learning languages that were no longer used, on platforms that were no longer used simply because that's what the lecturers knew, not what was actually required in the industry.

Karmyn R said...

That is frustrating!!!! ARRGGHH - Okay - try to dream about your professor tonight - dream punch him in the face. That will make you feel lots better!!!

C. said...

Yes, definitely need to regroup and get it together!!

Willow, I did think the same thing about getting us prepped for the real world. We've actually talked about the digital way...and although you can correct alot with a computer, the concept is that if you can get the shot well done in the camera (therefore all this technical bs) that will be less time spent trying to correct. One of the required classes is digital imaging, which will come later.
The school does try to stick to real world aspects, that must've been frustrating for you as well when you were in class and learning what was already there and not what was coming out.

Kam...I don't want to dream about my teacher!! NOOO!!! I'd rather dream of the beach or something!!! LOL

M J said...

Maybe you can give us budding photographers a tutorial on night photography. I have tried to shoot the last two full moons and have failed miserably. Pretty sure that a tripod would help me out some... but even with a still camera... my shots are always "misty." Any ideas?

Swampwitch said...

TWITTERPATED is the only thing that comes to mind !

Susan in va said...

I have always wanted to take a photography class. But (*sigh*) not enough time. A really good camera would be nice, but (*sigh*) not enough money. Oh, poor thing! FRUSTRATING!!! GRRRRR!

C. said...

MJ...I know the feeling! I don't know what kind of camera you have but usually a tripod does help. I've gotten some nice night shots but more by trial and error. I'll do some digging and will do a post!!

Swampy...I totally agree!!

Susan in Va...what kind of camera are you looking for?? There are some pretty good cameras that aren't that expensive. You might even check the local photo shops, they might have used cameras in good shape!!

Matt said...

My former colleagues are both excellent photographers who take it to a new level, so much so that hobbyists annoy me now.

I have a friend who says she likes to go shoot and got some great ones this past weekend. I got them in my mailbox, opened them and just started laughing.

It looked as if some kid had shot them with a refurbished disposable camera while highly intoxicated. And the subjects she chose were so risible. I couldn't believe it.

Well, that just means that I know now what's good and what's not.

C. said...

Matt...I guess to each his or her own, no? I know I've taken some pretty odd shots in the past and as I've gotten better, I've also become much more discriminating of what I consider to be good. In fact, some shots I've taken that I thought were ok but not great, other people really liked (and vice versa!) But you make me think of my mom, who is notorious for chopping heads! Over the years we've gotten pics with just heads, no bodies and lots of sky/ceiling, or bodies, no heads and Wow! Look at that grass!! LOL. I don't know how she does it!!!