Tuesday, November 07, 2006

moments of joy

Today, for whatever reason, the temperatures kept climbing into the high 80's (Fahrenheit) as the sun beamed down on us. I heard people complaining of the heat. I was in hog heaven! I was able to wear light cotton pants and a sleeveless shirt to work and not sit there freezing! Ah..happy sigh...

After work, I headed south to the Ventura Harbor and went kayaking. I've been canoeing many times, mostly in Florida, and was told kayaking is pretty much the same. Yes and no. The basic propulsion rules are the same, but I found the kayak responds much faster than a canoe. I also felt that the kayak was more likely to tip. This may have been just my impression but nonetheless... I quickly caught on and took about an hour to make the loop. It was fabulous--the hot sun, gliding over the cool water. Bliss. Finally, on my way home, I stopped at the beach and got some shots of the sun. It may not yet be Thanksgiving, but I am thankful for today. Tomorrow temps are expected to be back to normal (60s and 70s).

Starting out on the kayak, an old fishing boat
with the lighthouse in the background.

Heading down the waterway.

I think this is a Grebe. They were all over, but
they weren't letting me get too close, though.

Along the harbor, mussels were all over.

On a floating platform, empty mussel shells
lay scattered along with evidence of who
(or what) did this thing to them.

This wooden sailboat was amazing.

Further along, a huge shipping boat from
Alaska was hanging out, enjoying the sun!

At the bottom of one of the floating docks,
the setting sun lit the water underneath.

A great blue heron let me get close enough
to snap this shot as it swallowed a snack.
These birds never fail to awe me.

The day is done. Looking down at the harbor.

The kayak-man taking my boat out of the water.

Me and my shadow, at the beach.

Someone had set up a bunch of stones with labels
for different areas of the house written on them.

Down at the pier, a mom takes her
little one for a sunset walk.

Finally, the sun sets on a gorgeous day.

I hope you all had a good day.


Nihilistic said...

That was awesome!

Karmyn R said...

Wow - that water was like "BUTTAH". So smooth!!! Beautiful pics. We had warm weather today too - but with it was tropical rain, rain, rain,rain

Willowtree said...

This is one of those posts that make it worthwhile reading people's blogs.

As an aside, when the temp is in the 80s you don't have to say Fahrenheit, as the rule of thumb for conversion from C to F is double it and add 30 or from F to C subtract 30 and halve it. So in this case if it was 80C then that would make it a rather hot 190F. Don't you just love a smartass ;)

mist1 said...

Great shot of the heron. I tried to take a picture of one the other day, but when I got to close, it ducked behind the bush.

Shauna said...

Awesome pics! ! ! Thanks for sharing!

Shauna said...

Oh yea - did you see I fixed my post on the toe so that you have to scroll down a bit to see the picture? LOL. . . :)

Doppleganger said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a gorgeous day!

Odat said...

Awesome...I'm sitting here at work on a rainy day...and my mind is right there kayaking.....Oops..gotta go calls...Damn.


Claudia said...

Willow, first, thank you!! I wish I could do this more often! Then...I do clarify 80F because if I didn't, I would expect that the same smartasses would still make a comment about it!! (love it by the way...)

Thank you everyone!!

Swampwitch said...

For some reason, I couldn't get the text to load, but I didn't need any words...the pictures are fantastic. Thanks for a great post.

Heather said...

Great pics! We have lovely weather here, too. I think I could go for just one day of 80s.

Melissa said...

Oh, okay. I just remembered why willowtree is so annoying. ;)

These pictures are beautiful, Claudia. Gorgeous!

Jodi said...

Those are wonderful photos, Claudia! I particularly like the "bottom of the floating dock" picture... very interesting colors!

It's only 48 degrees here in Michigan today... so the sunny photos did me a lot of good.

Thanks for sharing!!

Claudia said...

For those of you in the colder climes, just turn up the heater and stare at the sunset....

Ashley said...

i am completely jealous
i love the second picture
i like dream of living in a place like that
im not even kidding

Claudia said...

Ashley...nahnananaaa! just've got a long road ahead of can always pick where you're going got college, no? I'd recommend heading SOUTH....

GALA said...

Did you by chance find time to vote in all that activity? Ah well, it's too late now if you didn't. (excuse the nag...)Wonderful pictures!!!

Crankster said...

Today was rainy and kind of grim. Those pictures really warmed me up.


roselle said...

i love the picture of the grebe. and the one of the oil spill on the mussels makes me sad =(
fantastic photography!

Claudia said...

Thanks Roselle, and don't be sad...the mussels have black shells that from far away as I was, can look like oil, but was not! :)

Julie said...

Beautiful photos! What kind of camera are you using? Just curious. Sounds like you had a great day. We too had temps in the upper 80s. Kids on campus were running around in shorts, etc. It is hard to believe it is November. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Pamela said...

You stood so tall in the sand.
great shots
especially the last setting sun on a beautiful day

Mouse said...

no heat to turn up, again so I am gazing very hard at the sunset!

Matt said...

You're so lucky. I haven't been kayaking here in weeks!

Claudia said...

Matt, I am hooked! Next step is to schedule a lesson for ocean kayak and learning to roll!!