Sunday, November 05, 2006

Off to Ikea!

Today is the day! (happy dance..woohoo, woohoohooo...) I have a list. I have a goal. It's Ikea day!
Tips for myself...
1. bring the tape measure
2. bring the list (I would forget it at home)
3. wear comfy shoes
4. bring proper music for the drive
5. make sure junk cleared out of car
6. gas...yep filled up yesterday...
7. money! can't do much without that...
8. because, as Mouse says, there has to be an 8...

It's going to be a long day.


GALA said...

Liz and I will have to schedule a trip to Ikea once I get up there. I'm buying a desk and a dresser for my clothes. Either that or I'll hit some garage sales and thrift stores to find something funky. That might be more affordable, but budget be damned, I'm going to buy whatever I find that appeals, regardless of the price.
Good luck with your furniture scavenging!

Swampwitch said...

Oh, I just love lists and Ikea...just wish we had one here. I'll put that on my list:
1) ask for an Ikea store within driving distance

Shauna said...

Oh, have fun! ! ! !

Odat said...

Good luck...hope you're not too tired when you get


C said...

Hope you had tons of fun!

Pamela said...

I had this "laverne & shirley" dance going in my head when I started reading your post.
"Schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!"

Claudia said...'ll be too damned cold to want to leave the house. LOL

Swampy...may Ikea come soon!!!

Shauna, Odat, was fab...but I am now pooped!

Pamela...That is great!! I am so going to tell H! She'll get a kick out of that.

Doppleganger said...

I think the last time I was in an Ikea was with you.

Claudia said...

DG...hmmm...I see a trend...I would be the one to drag you shopping!