Saturday, November 04, 2006

Prep week

So, tomorrow is my big trip to Ikea! Woohoo! I'm heading down with my neighbor H. and we are going shopping!! In preparation for this, since I am buying myself a big ol' bookshelf, I have finally gotten around to painting my apartment! One of the things I love is also one of the things that make painting so difficult...a vaulted ceiling. I have a slight fear of heights and falling. Here are some pics.

There's the ladder. There's the wall.
I really hope I do not fall.

What the hell was I thinking???

Not gonna fall.Not gonna fall. Notgonnafall.

If I can't be in the Caribbean,
I'll bring the Caribbean home.
(back wall still in progress)

and a picture of fluffy kitty for fun

Now, I'm off to shoot my prep week assignment. Class starts again Monday and I have work to do! Have a fabulous day!


Nihilistic said...

I like the colors! And you are NOT going to fall! Kitty would catch you if you did anyway!

Claudia said...

Thanks! I'm quite chuffed at the colors myself...:), I think kitty would run like hell, then come around as I lay in a crumpled heap on the floor and go, "meow?" (which means...hey you? you ok? get me some food!)

willowtree said...

The colour looks nice, I was a bit nervous when you started talking yellow, but that looks pretty good.

Claudia said...

Thanks Willow. Yellow can be very tricky but I just love this shade!!

C said...

Whoooa those pictures looking down from the ladder are scary - made me woozy.

Pamela said...

ooooowwwwwwuuuu... I'm dizzy looking down.

but, love the colors and the boa on the cat, too

Swampwitch said...

I love the boa on the cat, the color on the wall, but standing on that ladder...diz-z-z-z-y me.

Claudia said...

C, Pamela and Swampy, yeah, if you feel like that from the picture, just imagine what it was like live! 2 putting a second coat was much less traumatic!

Karmyn R said...

WOW - Looks liek a lot of work to me.

Melissa said...

Congratulations! What fun!!

Odat said...

I love that color!! and Love the cat! Is her boa going to clash with the walls tho????