Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flower Power

In case you may not have figured it out, I love taking pictures of flowers. So, here are some pictures that I have taken over time. Enjoy.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures
and some books, I live without envy.
- Lope de Vega

In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.
- Kozuko Okakura

When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it,
it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world to
someone else. Most people in the city rush around so,
they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see
it whether they want to or not.
- Georgia O'Keeffe

Lone and erect, beneath light's primal flood,
A lily! and pure as any one of you.
- Mallarme

In friendship's fragrant garden,
There are flowers of every hue.
Each with its own fair beauty
And its gift of joy for you.
- Friendship's Garden

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
- Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom

It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
- William Carlos Williams

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
- Anais Nin

Exuberance is Beauty.
- William Blake


Matt said...

Very high brow of you, Claudia.

I myself am like the Jerry Springer of the blogosphere.

Claudia said...

I like my flowers...what can I say (shrug)...

have you had any chair flying yet?

mist1 said...

I love taking pictures of flowers. It just seems like they always come out looking good.

Willowtree said...

Boy, you sure do like those flower pics, so do I. I liked the quotes too, but I was disappointed that you didn't use my famous quote..."the finer the flower, the better the pasta" Willowtree.

Claudia said...

Willow...I promise to use that quote soon!! :)

Jodi said...

They have a Georgia O'Keefe quality... simply beautiful!

GALA said...

My favorite flower quote is from Bambi, when Thumper says, "He can call me Flower if he wants to!:

C said...

Flowers are so delicate and almost unreal.

swampwitch said...

"It is at the edge of a petal that love waits" is my favorite photo, but they are all exquisite. Wow !

Susan in va said...

Wow! The last one is breathtaking! I also LOVED the lily. You are talented!!! Thanks for sharing.

The CEO said...

Claudia, yiu have taken two really bad days and made them good again. I thank you for that. I love the macro shots the very best. I love the textures, the colors. You know what I mean?

Claudia said...! thank you! could I have forgotten that?? durr..

C...I think that's part of why I love them..

Swampy...I had to put that one in...I'm glad you like it!!

Susan, this one is also one of my makes me think of a flamenco dancer!!

CEO...I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I'm glad that this brought you a bit of cheer. And yes, I do know...

marnie said...

Gorgeous and poetic. That would make a great coffee table book. Do it! I'll buy it!

Pamela said...

All nicely done --
we enjoy our flowers so much around our yard.

My favorite is a yellow Ligularia. I would love to have you photograph it and come up with a quote to match it.

Claudia said...

Marnie...hmmm....I like the idea...if I ever do, I'm calling you first!!

Pamela, wouldn't that be fun?!

Nosjunkie said...

They are absolutely stunning babe, they remind me of my moms garden after the rain

Mouse said...

Lovely flowers but, tell me, do you ever photograph mushrooms?

cathrine the gr8 said...

love the pics!

Jenny said...

So beautiful!

The last one especially. The color is amazing!

Claudia said...

Nosjunkie...your mom's gardens sounds gorgeous!!, but I'll have to do that when I come to visit, no?

Catherinethe gr8...welcome...and thankyou.


Matt said...

16 days, claud.

Odat said...

Wow..thanks for bringing some sunshine into this really, really cold day!

Melissa said...

I agree, the color in the last one is just bursting. I love it!

Vicki said...

Great DOF!! Do you have an account with flickr? If so what's the name?? I have my pictures under catchinglight.

Karmyn R said...

The lily is my favorite too! (I'm rather partial to them for some reason).

Gorgeous photos!!!