Tuesday, January 09, 2007

At the speed of...uhm..not really light...

Last Friday I had to overnight some paperwork to my sis back in Florida. I had my reservations about using the good ol' USPS for an overnight delivery, but I decided to have a little bit of faith.

My first clue something wasn't quite right was when the clerk told me the package was guaranteed to arrive on Sunday.


I kindly informed her the post office doesn't run on Sunday. She looked at the computer and confirmed that it stated that it would be delivered on Sunday. She asked if my sister lived in or near a big city. Nooooo.... Ms.Postal Worker said that in some larger cities overnight deliveries would be made on Sunday. This is a big surprise to me. Port St. Lucie, FL hardly qualifies as even a large town much less city, but who am I to argue with the Official With the Computer???

It still seemed weird to me, but hey, she verified it would be Sunday. Saturday I called my sis to let her know that said package should arrive on her doorstep on Sunday.

"But the Post Office doesn't run on Sunday," she said, as if I did not know this already.

"Yeah! I know! But that's what they said!"

"Oh well. If it doesn't come Sunday, it will be here Monday."

Fast forward...this morning... phone rang. It was sis.

"Hey, listen...your package hasn't arrived. I just wanted to let you know so you can go to the Post Office and pitch a fit and get a refund."

I started looking for receipt. Panic set in when I couldn't find it, but eventually, I managed to find it in the bag I had taken to the post office. The delivery date clearly said 1/7. I tracked it online and the last activity for said package was 1/5 and status was "En route."

I went back to the post office and showed the receipt to the worker, which was someone different. I explained I had had the package overnighted and that it has not arrived. She looked at the receipt and made a funny face...

" 1/7? We do not deliver on Sunday."

"I know! I thought it was weird, but even so, it should be there by now, and it's not."

"Did you call the number or go online (to track)?"

"Yes, it's telling me En route."

"Let me get you a refund request. Give it a couple of days because the computer system takes a couple of days to update."

I really wonder how the U.S Post Office charges more for an overnight delivery than UPS, but cannot afford to invest in a tracking system that actually gives someone a current status on trackable items!! ARGH!!

In the end, I came home and emailed a copy of the documents to my sis. I should have done this to begin with but I also sent her a blank disc because I had downloaded some pics on her computer and had forgotten a disc at the time!! Stoopid post office.


Willowtree said...

Don't get me started on the US Postal Service (the name is an oxymoron to start).

Last package ET sent me from NY cost him $76 to send Air MAil and took 18 weeks to get here, not the 7-10 days they quoted.

And the run around he got was amazing, they told him to tell me to track it from my end, but couldn't tell us if it had actually left the States.

Matt said...

Remember that Seinfeld episode when Kramer protested the USPS and the Colonel set him straight? Classic. Don't fuck w/ 'em.

(I wonder what Stephanie's husband thinks.)

Claudia said...

WT...damn!! That bites!! did he get his money back eventually? My blood is boiling just thinking about it!!

Matt...I actually don't remember that episode...but then again, I never watched it on a regular basis...

Karmyn R said...

I think that just goes to show the differences b/n Government job and Private-sector job. wonder the USPS is in financial trouble.

It recently took 3 weeks for a birthday card to get to my nephew - and it only had to go from Oregon to California. (10 hour drive). I could have driven it there and back ten times myself.

Pamela said...

oh..dear. just think of the deal you get

39 cents for a stamp
thats less than 2 cents a day.

Can't get anything much for that price these days.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm not so funny am I.

Odat said...

I love bureacracy!

Claudia said...

Karmyn...yeah, when I lived in Tampa, it took a week to get a letter from my mom in West Palm...a 3.5hr drive!!

Pamela...If I had sent it regular mail instead of overnight, it probably would have gotten there by now! hahahaa! do??? :P

Doppleganger said...

My parents use USPS all the time due to the limits of my hometown. They are definitely inconsistant and their tracking system I swear is actually worse than it used to be!

Claudia said...'s Wed. Still no package!!

The CEO said...

And you wonder why the term 'going postal' involves the use of guns?

Crankster said...

I'm in the process of trying to get a refund on a package sent in December. Best of luck to you!