Tuesday, February 20, 2007

some pics

I did this after Christmas and then never posted it. Some are pictures I took over the Christmas break, others are taken at different times. either way, it's where I grew up

This is near Phil Foster Park at the base of the island.
The old mariner used to be in front of a bank years ago.

My sis was feeding the gulls...

This is the Ocean Mall. It's old and a bit run down...
and the center of an ongoing battle between the city and
residents. The city wants to tear it down and build high rises,
while residents want to keep the Ocean Mall and public beach.

Last I heard, the residents were suing the city to put
this up on the next ballot in March and let residents
vote. The city is counter-suing because they don't
want this on the ballot. Basically, the city wants to do
whatever the hell it wants with no regard for what the
constituency wants. Assholes.

Some of the shops here at the Ocean Mall
have been around since I was a kid...

Like Mother Nature's Pantry. They have some
awesome smoothies!!

This is the other side of the parking lot. I took this
picture in June. You can see the roof damage from the
hurricanes. This side of the mall was condemned and
as of Christmas had been torn down.

A closer view.

This is at the inlet near my house. You can tell whether
the tide is coming in or out by which way the bouy points.
That's Palm Beach across the way.

Another view. In the distance is the power plant.

This is the Pump House. Its sole purpose is to dredge
the sand that builds up on our side and spit it back out
at Palm Beach.

This little guy is a gannet. I saved him last Christmas (2005).
According to the wildlife sanctuary I took him to, they migrate from
south of the Equator and lots of the young ones that haven't gotten
enough to eat get too tired to fight and get washed on shore. They can't
walk on land and many just die of fatigue. This guy still had lots of fight.

This was taken from the little bridge of the Pump House.

Look how pretty that water is!! This was Christmas Eve.

Here, the Pump House again from the end of the jetty.

And looking down the beach.

See all that green stuff? Moss! Slippery, wet moss!
No, I did not fall on my ass, although it was close...
the things I do for ya...

Some night shots. Those of you reading from when
I started this blog may or may not remember this pic.

A picture of one of the Marriot timeshares.

Both Marriott structures.

This is the beach at night looking towards the condos
at the north end of the island.


Willowtree said...

I love these posts.

Claudia said...

thanks Willow.

Pamela said...

Hey... I'd like to see a picture from the eye of a hurricane


Just kidding.

I'm such a bird lover... I'm sad to hear that they don't make it. You're my hero!
Best picture was the last one.

Matt said...

I don't think beaches should be privately owned.... Now how 'bout some shots of tequila!

Melissa said...

So pretty. I like the old mall. :)

Claudia said...

Pamela, I bet my sis has one!! LOL...yeah, I was pretty happy I was able to save the gannet. I had to drive him 25miles to the bird sanctuary...he was great! Got his head out from under the towel to see what the ell was going on!! but he never tried to bite! :)

Matt...I agree, although I wouldn't mind having my own beach! :)

Melissa...yeah, I'm sad that part of it is already gone. When I go home, the rest of it could also be torn down. :(

Robin said...

There's something about an old, dilapidated mall that ties you to your childhood, huh? I wax nostalgic when I see pictures like that ** sigh **

But I liked the wet, slippery moss picture, the angle...but I'm glad you didn't bust your tail just for your readers ;)...(although THAT would've been a great picture!).

Love these pics, so I guess I should visit your other blog more, too :/.

Glamourpuss said...

I like seagulls. Thanks for the seagull picture!


Jenny said...

I love the overcast sky in these photos.

Makes me feel like I'm there.

Claudia said...

Robin, yes, it was the place to see and be seen!! spend all day at the beach, lunch from Subway and drinks from 7-11!

Glam, I'm glad you like them. I can't imagine the beach without them!

Jenny...While Fl is incredibly flat, it has some great clouds!!

etain_lavena said...

Absolutly breath are so artful....:)...if that is not a word I made it up for you;)

SaM-GiRL said...

Very nice!! it looks so beautiful there.

Odat said...

I love the sea gull and the other lil birdie!! And the night shots are fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Vicki said...

great night shots. Love the water shots too. Beautiful.

And that seagull!! Wow!! That's a nice catch. Your brave.

I don't like mice or birds. they are darty.