Monday, March 05, 2007

to shower or not to shower?

Being able to take a hot shower is one of the simplest, yet glorious, pleasures in life, don't you think? No matter what, it will make you feel better. If you've been sick, or are sick, take a hot shower. It'll make you feel better. Tired from a long day? Take a hot shower. Sore from working out? Take a hot shower. You just chopped a finger off while cooking? Take a ...OK, maybe not. But really, for many things, a hot shower is bound to make you feel better.

I know most of the time, I just tend to take it for granted. But after spending most of the weekend sleeping and ill, taking a nice hot shower this morning sent me into fits of happiness! Ooh. It felt good. Being able to shower is definitely a luxury!

When I graduated high school, I headed off to the Old Country to catch up with the family as well as visit some new places. In Rome, I stayed with my aunt. She had this great little condo off one of the major roads in NE Rome. It was tight as my cousins and my grandmother also lived there but it was great.

One day, I went off to visit my uncle who lived outside of Rome. Taking the bus, then the metro, then another bus, it took a while to get up there. I spent the afternoon there visiting at the ice cream store he owned at the time. Of course, family being family, I had to stay for the night. At his place, he had a guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs. I needed to wash all the grime of the day off of me so I went to take a shower. I turned on the hot water, and got cold water. I turned on the cold water and got icy cold water. I waited for the hot water to heat up. It never did. I gave up. I figured that I'd shower as soon as I got back to my aunt's house the next day.

Well, as it turns out, the city of Rome had other plans. Once I got back to the city, my aunt killed my shower anticipation by telling me that the city had shut off the water supply to the whole section of the city for a week. That meant: no shower, no bath ,no flushing toilets-for a whole week. My grandmother had filled up a few buckets with water so we could at least use a washcloth and try to clean up as well as for manually flushing when called for (I think back on it now and thank God I didn't have my period!! hahaha!!) I couldn't even go over to my other aunt and uncle's house because they lived in the same section of the city! Oh, the tragedy!

I can actually go with using a wet washcloth to get most of the grime off of me, but I cannot go a week without washing my hair. UGH!

As it turns out, my birthday happened to be that week. For some reason, I woke before everyone else that day and headed to the bathroom to take care of business. Out of habit, I pulled the flusher. And it worked! Then, I tried to turn on the water in the sink...and hallelujah, there was water!! I didn't even hesitate! I grabbed my towel and into the shower I went!! It was fabulous. I revelled in my surprise birthday present. I thanked God! I beamed with happiness!

As I got out, my aunt had gotten up and she was shocked!

"Claudia! What are you doing?"

"Oh, it's great! The water was on and I took a shower!"

"Are you crazy? What if they shut the water again while you were washing your hair?"

"They didn't though..."

"But they could have. Then what would you have done? You shouldn't have done it!!"

She couldn't convince me I had done wrong though. I was a clean, happy girl! Amazingly enough, no one else risked showering for fear that the water would be abruptly cut off as they were mid-lather. My aunt grumbled about what a risk I'd taken, etc, etc. It didn't faze me one bit. I had gotten to shower!

As for the water? It was shut off again that afternoon for the rest of the week.


Willowtree said...

I think that a hot shower may actually be able to cure an amputated finger.

Boy do I empathize with that story, I know I've mentioned it many times before, but due to the drought, I can't shower whenever I like and it's the absolute pits!

Thankfully we had some rain last week so now there's a bit of water in the tank.

The CEO said...

We used to go camping. Loved being out in the tent. But every couple of days, we found a way to be in water up to our hair roots with a bar of soap. There were places in campgrounds to rent a shower, or if all else failed, a shower, a little daliance, and maybe another shower.

Pamela said...

I loved your birthday shower. How awesome was that.

etain_lavena said...

I could also get all lyrical about a shower....what a wonderful Bday prezie....whooohooo:)

Glamourpuss said...

Your aunt's response is so European - made me laugh. My father is exactly the same. He forgot a hospital appointment once and that morning, a letter came cancelling it. He was outraged because if he had remembered the appointment and travelled to the hospital, the letter wouldn't have arrived in time to save him a wasted journey. I tried to point out that it was a good thing it had been cancelled because he'd forgotten but, no, he wanted to be cross about it.


Matt said...

Europe is so backward compared to North America (U.S. + Canada). You silly goose.

I'm imagining a lot of yelling in Italian.

Odat said...

Yes, a hot shower soothes all ailments...ahhh.

Claudia said...

Willow...yeah, I thought about you as I typed this...I hope you get some more rain soon! :)

CEO...camping is so much fun isn't it??

Pamela...I know! It made my week!!

Etain...yes, I understand

Glam...LOL! I can just imagine it. I think my aunt would have been upset too, but then again, the italian post is so erratic, I doubt that she would have even gotten the notice!'s a mixed bag over there...but i don't remember much yelling. hmmm...

Odat...double that aaaah.

Susan in va said...

HAHAHAHAAA!! You sound a lot like me - I couldn't survive without a daily shower!

As for your aunt - you could have just told her that if they did cut off the water before you rinsed your hair, you could just jump in the Tiber River!

Claudia said...

oooh, Susan!! Yech....I would rather just have dried shampoo in my hair...the rivers in Rome are disgustingly polluted!! I must shower now just at the thought!! LOL!!

Yasamin said...

boy i'll bet everyone was freakin jealous you got to shower. lol

min said...

You Dirty girl.

Hot showers are especially great when you have a cold!

Dan said...

Showers totally rock! When we went to Africa we couldn't take one for over two weeks. The feeling of finally getting back home, and walking into that shower, is something I'll never forget.

Even though I just got out of the shower, now I'm feeling I want to go back. :)

mist1 said...

You know, I don't shower when I'm sick. I am just miserable and disgusting. I shower when I am starting to feel better, you know, like the moment where I realize that I might make it through the illness and that my pajamas are stiff.

Claudia said...

Yas....hahaha!! I bet they were. It's their own fault-they didn't have the balls to do it!! HA!

Min...yeah baby!! :)

Dan...I'm sure that was one of your lesser pleasant experiences over there! Imagine that being normal!

Mist...for the most part, me neither (although at times I force myself) but it does make that shower so much better!!

Melissa said...

Why didn't I see this until now? Geez! I'm obviously aging, that's gotta be it.

I can't stand not showering. I can't even do the "shower the night before" thing. Drives me nuts. I don't always wash my hair - but I hafta use soap! I loved your "birthday shower"!

Robin said...

Everyone WAS just envious! Gosh, the stuff we take for granted. I just got out of a long, hot shower and I'm headed for bed soon, and yeah....I feel good!

Glad you're feelin' better :).