Thursday, April 19, 2007


-I'm having flashbacks to the music of my (ahem...) youth!! My friend J. sent me a copy of They Might be Giants "Flood" CD!! I had it on tape...(yeah,yeah,yeah...I don't want to hear it) I shrieked and jumped with JOY--proceeding to blare it in the car!! It's ok, though, the windows were up and we all know that means I was totally invisible to the outside world!! haha...

-Along that note, I started trying to find some of the songs on youtube. On one hand, I am so incredibly thrilled with the stuff you can find on it, but then again, some of the sound quality isn't that great. As I searched, I came across another song that I loved (and yes...I'm sure I have the cassette somewhere...haha!) Camouflage-The Great Commandment. As far as I know, this group never really made it big in the US...

-I cannot find any Scruffy The Cat on youtube. harummph. I bought their Moons of Jupiter cassette when I was, what? about 16?? I had never heard of them and kept asking the guy at the store to describe and/or compare them to something I'd already heard (this of course in the days you were not allowed to hear anything before you bought it!). After about 20 minutes of interrogation, he finally broke down..."oh forchrissakes!! Just buy it already! It's 2 bucks!!" hehe..."ok." Very quirky band.

-On a different note, some idiot here is riding around town by bicycle and assaulting women on the street, slapping them on the butt, lifting skirts and, according to the news, even exposing himself. And he's doing this while on a bike??? Classy. I say someone put a horseshoe or even a brick in the purse and knock him upside the head!!

-Great quote from CSI that made me laugh..."Upset is for white people, lady. I am pissed off!"

-I am so addicted to bread. It's like a freakin' drug for me. I need to drink instead.

-I haven't had my hair cut since my hairdresser massacred it at Christmas. I probably should get a trim, but I'm liking the way it's looking right now. Except that the ends are getting a bit ratty looking...but I like the length it's getting to but the split ends...oh, what to do...conundrum (I love that word!!) I took this pic last Friday before I went's a bit blurry but I like it anyhoos-I cropped it and blurred the background (you didn't really want to see all the crap on the table did you??) but nada otro.

-And why the hell does blogger keep switching my post options to not allow comments. Dirty deeds done blog cheap, I tell ya.


Pamela said...

blogger has started messing with me, too. I'm getting concerned.

As for the bike guy... I would carry a pair of scissors in the event he exposed himself.

I like your hair, too

Karmyn R said...

Having blogger issues?

You could always turn to the Dark Side....hee hee (typepad, that is).

You look very sexy in that pic. Just get some scissors and clip the very ends off. (less than 1/4")

Willowtree said...

Sorry I can't help you with the music Claud, they're all new to me.

That's a good picture of you.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear claudia. I just love flood - well, istanbul is constantinople. Hahaha love it. And also Dr Worm (from diff album). Sorry, have to go and listen to my iPod now, thanks a lot for the inspiration :)

Glamourpuss said...

Listening to stuff I listened to as a teenager makes me feel old. Sigh.

You so pretty, lady!


Jodi said...

I'm with Karmyn... just do a "micro-trim" to the ends... it looks great!!

Pirate said...

I like the haircut as well. You are pleasent to the eyes as is your hair.

They Might be Giants sounds like a CD I would like. I was playing music from youth this moring too. Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller. And of course Wings.

There is a great story in the bicycle groper somewhere. If they can make a film "The bicycle thief" we can do the groper.

The CEO said...

You're all the music I need. I never got beyond the eyes and mouth. Intensely sensual. Go away Matt.

Matt said...

Keep it on the longer side, Claud. Nice photo!

Stephanie said...

You're so pretty!!

Oh, and, you know, beer is really liquid bread.


Claudia said...

Pamela...see, that's what I'm talkin'bout!!

Karmyn, are you kidding me?? after Robin posted she's having tech issues, there is no way in HELL!! I scored a fabulous 15% on Willow's tech test!!! Thanks for the hair tips!!

Willow, I might have to burn you a cd one day and get you caught up. You'd probably hate it.

Dear LMM, brings back good times, no??

Glam, awww, tanks!! As long as I don't think about how long ago it was, I feel like a kid again!

Pirate...hello. I have a feeling that my comment to Willow might also apply to you!! TMBG has quite a different feel than Fleetwood Mac and gang. You're right...there is definitely a story there!! haha!! shucks..stop..I'm blushing!! you know why I blogged about her chopping it all off!! and you made fun of me.

Stephanie...I have another post in regards just about ready to go. Check back.

Vicki said...

Hubba Hubba Woo Woo

Robin said...

Ummm, Claudia, me and the techie side of blogging? Don't listen to me!!! I HATE the technical side. I haven't been able to read since Monday, I'm "behind" everywhere, and the thing is, I actually miss hearing what's going on all over the freakin' world via my bluddies! AND.....I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE MY BLOG (which, I guess, is why I'm behind :/).

You have such a soulful, solemn expression at reek've got a great look IN FRONT OF the camera, and a great eye BEHIND it!

Claudia said...

Vicki...bwahahaha!! you always make me laugh girlie!!

Robin...I especially reek after spending all day in the darkroom!! P.U!! ;)