Monday, July 09, 2007


Ooof, today I have to fly back to CA. I already have my boarding pass thanks to the wonders of online check-in. My bags are half-packed and I called yesterday to find out what happens if I miss the last bus home.

You see, this time, instead of driving down to LAX and leaving my car there for 10+ days, I was smart and called the Airbus. They arrived bright and early, right on schedule, took my bag and stowed it while I climbed aboard and settled in. Then we were off.

Down the Pacific Coast Highway, I was able to watch the ocean as the sun rose (told you it was early.) Eventually, I dozed off and when I woke up, we were driving through Malibu and our driver was giving a tour!! Who knew that I'd get a tour along with a ride to the airport!!

He explained why the houses were all connected (to keep people away from the beach) and why they have coastal access points (because they got sued back in the 60's for trying to keep people away from the beach.) He pointed out some landmarks, like Cher's house and then a house Mae West used to own. It was so much better than getting stuck on the 405, which is the way I usually take.

However, the flight back might be a bit different. I'm scheduled to arrive into LAX at 9:55pm. The last airbus leaves for Santa Barbara at 11pm. One hour is cutting it very close when you consider possible delays as well as time to get my luggage. Needless to say, I was worried. So I called Airbus yesterday to find out exactly what their schedule is and what the hell am I going to do if I miss them by 10 minutes? Well, what a relief!! It turns out that they do two runs around the airport so, basically, the last run is really at 11:30! I feel better.

With all that though, I still don't want to go back.

** UPDATE...6:09 pm EST
Apparently, my premonition is working. I just had this feeling about today and sure 'nuff....I got to the airport to find my flight delayed. They reassured me that despite the delay, they'd hold the connections and I'd get to LAX about 15 minutes late. I sat to wait and not more than 10 minutes later, they made an announcement that the flight would be delayed further and those flying to X, Y, Z and Los Angeles would need to be rebooked on a different flight! So, I get another night here in fabo Florida and an early morning flight out to LA tomorrow!!

Don't worry, I am going back. I've got homework and school and a possible job waiting for me, not to mention El Gato!


swampwitch said...

"I Missed the Last Bus Home"...
What a great title for a country song. Since that was the topic of my post today, and you mentioned you don't listen to much country, I just had to fly over and continue that 'line of thought.'
Hope you have a safe trip and don't "Miss the Last Bus Home."

swamp witch said...

P.S. When are we goingn to start on a little project of nailing up those notifications.

The CEO said...

Have a safe trip home. Get your degree, become accomplished, then you can do anything!

Karmyn R said...

Vacations end way too quickly. I hope you had a really good time!

I'll be thinking about you as I drive Southward on Thursday....

Melissa said...

I agree with Karmyn, vacations end way too soon. Have a safe flight!

Glamourpuss said...

Please come back! How will we get together to play otherwise?


willowtree said...

You should try catching one of those mini buses from LAX! They won't leave until they have enough to make it worth while, and they can't stay in the pick-up zone. I once drove around the airport 6 times until they had a load!

Pamela said...

I don't like to fly anymore. Once I am in the jet and headed down the run way, I'm fine. But total anxiety prior to that from booking tickets to going through security.

Michael DelConte said...

Hey Claud,

A bit of a blast from the past.

I was puttering on Google at work today and decided to see if I could look up some old friends and low and behold. . . . I found you .

I love your photos especially your “French Kitchen” I may have to use that as my computer wallpaper. It was very nice to see that you were doing well and that you were following your heart and that your sense of humor/sarcastic has not change.

Michael D

Claudia said...

Swampy, hahah!! That's a good one...I never thought of it as a song...

Karmyn and Melissa, yes, vacation is over and it was too damned short. grrrr...argh, even though *grin* I did get an extra day!!

Glamourpuss, I'm back!

Willow, mini bus?? Yes, I've spent quite some time on the short bus!! However, they don't really go the 90 miles I needed, so I had to take the big cushy bus. :)

Pamela, try sitting next to someone fighting airsickness. I'm just glad she won and not it.

MIKE!!! HOLEY FREAKIN' SHITE!! It's good to hear from you. Email me would you and let me know what you've been up to and how everything is! Where are you working, what are you doing, are you done with law school, etc. In other words, HOW ARE YOU???

Robin said...

Well, now, ain't the net dandy, reconnecting you and ol' Mike...I loled at your response.

Before I read that, all I was gonna say was, "Goody...a cliffhanger...!"