Thursday, August 02, 2007

Never mind easy

The last assignment was not only photographic, but also a study in frustration, patience and perseverance. We worked over 50 hours in less than a week to get our 10 shots, but we got them. The next assignment shouldn't be quite as difficult since we've already worked through so many issues (not to mention that they are individual assignments and we won't have 4 differing opinions clashing.) The basic premise of the assignment is to take 4 shots of 4 different objects on this black glass or other reflective surface and at least two of the objects we photograph also have to be reflective (specular).

In photography, that is one of the trickiest to get a decent shot while controlling the highlights and reflections. Have you ever tried to take a picture of something behind glass, or even of something with a mirror in it and you get a huge glare because of the light (either daylight or flash?) When you see pictures of watches, cars, jewelry, sunglasses, even silverware, I can tell you that a lot of attention went into making that watch look just so, with the glints and sparkles where they accentuate the object. And that is our assignment.

Of course, I have to go and make things difficult for myself. I have these pair of fabulous black patent leather heels that I want to photograph-reflective black object on top of a reflective black background. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment apparently, but I am really excited about playing around with it and seeing what I can come up with. I have an image in my head; now I have to realize it.

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm heading to the studio, alone, to play and figure things out. It should be fun!


Dan said...

Have you ever tried to take a picture of something behind glass

Only when I'm trying to take photos of the blond sunbathing outside my kitchen.

Just joking. Just joking. :)

Glamourpuss said...

The Burlesque queen in me is itching to see those shoes..

Good luck with the assignment!


Melissa said...

I would love to know the secrets of shooting from behind glass. My dad and I were trying to take pictures last fall, from my car during the rain. He got some good shots - although he has a much better camera than I do.

Claudia said...

Dan, you naughty boy!!

Glam, voila!! take 1 is up!!

Melissa, it's all about angles....