Sunday, October 07, 2007

coming soon!

One of the amusements of being out in BFE in Florida. Occasionally, things are available for your entertainment. Why, it's the Cooter Fest happening in Inverness at the end of October. I know you won't want to miss it!
It's cooteriffic!


M@ said...

Is Cooter Fest what I think it is????

Pamela said...

I've heard that. Must be short for festival.

so it is a turtle festival?
Pullleze don't tell me they eat them?

Melissa said...

Tell me you bought tee shirts!

The CEO said...

Please take pictures.

Odat said...

What the heck is a cooter?

Karmyn R said...

What is a cooter? Is it a turtle? Do they get deep-fat fried?

Glamourpuss said...

Er, and a cooter is what?


Doppelgänger said...

It's amazing how I could be in FL for 10 yrs and never hear of cooterfest. That's awesome - reminds me of back home in Wi.

Claudia said...

Matt...I don't know. What are you thinking?

Pamela, yes it is a turtle festival, but I doubt that they eat them. I can't say for sure though

Melissa, well, it hasn't happened yet, but if I did, I'd send you one!


Odat, Karmyn and Glamourpuss, apparently, it is a turtle but it's also slang for something else. need to venture into the wilds of small town central and northern Fl for these things!

Robin said...

Willowtree didn't have anything to say about THIS ONE???

GLAD they had the turtle on the banner for clarification :O!