Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm a Winner!!

SO, it seems I have won the lottery!! Yes! I won!! And without even playing!! Woohoo!! I'm rich (imagine gold and coins all over the place!) And all I have to do is send the Irish National Lottery a bunch of information-all about me!! Aren't they sweet???

Dear Winner,
We are pleased to notify you that your email address was luckly
selected among other email during our montly Irish National Lottery
Online Promo Programme held on the 1st of Octomber 2007
You have therefore been approved with a serial number 5368/02 to
claim a total grand sum of 1,350,000 Euro.

Congratulation From All Member and staff of the Irish Board.
You are to fill the verification form below and return to your
assigned Fudicary Agent address as shown below.

Now, I knew that in some of the Irish accents, the letter H becomes silent (Thursday becomes Tursday) but I never knew that they actually translated that into their writing!! The tings you learn! I never knew Ireland had a montly lottery!

But I do can they have only on Member on the Irish Board? I'm glad that my email was luckly picked though. How many other email did they have? Gosh, they must have gotten my email back when I visited over 10 years ago! I didn't realize when I visited that they didn't have October in Ireland. No, apparently they have Octomber. I supposed I couldn't be expected to know that-I was there for only two weeks in July!

I have to admit though...I'm feeling a bit ignorant. What the hell is a Fudicary Agent? Oh! I know! Elmer Fudd's agent! I'm not sure what he has to do with the Irish National Lottery. He better keep his hands off my money!


Nosjunkie said...

Bet you they want your bank details and bra size.

but I suppose thats the irish for you

Missed you lots hun

Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, I get those - shifty Irish bastards...


Doppelgänger said...

I hope you filled out all the informaiton including credit card, social security, mother's maiden name, etc. This sounds legit!!!

Karmyn R said...

yeah, I've won the European lottery twice AND was offered by my most dearest friends to help liquidate her father's 25 million dollar estate in Nigeria.

Richard Madeley said...

That's terrible news for me. I won it also. I guess this means we'll have to split the jackpot?

The CEO said...

Too bad they couldn't spell fiduciary.

Claudia said...

Nosjunkie, welcome back!

Glam, what? Does that mean I didn't win??

DG, of course it is! How can it not be?

Karmyn, you must be carrying a 4leaf clover and a horseshoe!! Wow!

Richard, i see my fortune dwindling quickly here. The nerve of those bastards to give my money to others!!

CEO...ya think?

Mouse said...

I won a lottery in Holland last year and then received an e-mail from Yasser Arafat's widow offering me heaps of money in return for helping her release her dead husbands savings...

Who knew?

Claudia said...

Mouse, oh, that's a good one!! LOL

swampy said...

Forget the Irish. I have some ocean-front property here in Colorado I'll just give you.
Quickly, send me your SS#, bank #'s, VISA and AE #'s,and $10,000 CASH so I can get the ball rolling.
Oh, yeah, and include a self-addressed- stamped envelope, too.

Pamela said...

I've won it twice, too. Plus I'm helping an old army general in Nigeria get his money out of a safe deposit box. I'm so kind.

We should all buy an island in the Caribbean.

C said...

What a riot. It's fudiciary by the way but - of course I know this is about spam. How annoying!