Thursday, October 25, 2007

mad dashing through tampa

This past weekend I had another mad dash through Tampa-driving up Friday afternoon to take pictures in Ybor City, meeting up with my friend G. and crashing at her grandparents' place with her to wake up bright and early and drive her to the airport so she could fly to Vegas for a few days while I went to visit with another friend S. and then continue my brief stint of taking pictures before meeting up with my other friend Y. for dinner and then driving back home that night! (hows that for a run-on sentence!!)


Yes, it was deranged slightly busy but I'm glad I got to see a few people I haven't seen in years, even if it was very much a see and split type of weekend. It was fun, but I would have liked to stay just a bit longer.

Why couldn't I? Because I had to finish a big assignment on Sunday. Yes, I will admit that I did regret signing up for an extra class this session...the internal chatter went something like this as I was driving home...

v1: "Can't I just stop for a bit and get a little bit of sleep??"
v2: "Oh no!! you won't wake up until morning, I know you"
v1: "yeah, but I'm tiiiiired!!"
v3: "I wish we'd stayed dammit! We should have gone to that club for the salsa dancing!! think how cool the pictures would have been!!! DAMMIT"
v1: "I know! I know! But we've got to get the stupid accounting project done tomorrow"
v3: "yeah, but we won't be back!! We still have time to turn around and get some pics!"
v1: "We CAN'T!"
v4: "Oh just had to sign us up for class didn't you?? We could've had a good two month vacation but nooOOooo."
v1: "yeah, but without the photo class we wouldn't have had a good reason to go to Miami so many times, or come up to Tampa twice, or go to Key West!"
v3 & 4 (muttering): "yeah, ok...ok"
v2: "I'm still tired..."
other voices: "oh, suck it up!!"

For all I know, there may have been more than those voices, they do sound awfully similar at times!!


Melissa said...

You're so busy! If I had that much to do I'd be so cranky.

Tiggerlane said...

Amazing...I think your voices and my voices must discuss how they will torment us!!

The CEO said...

Your voices are so much nicer than mine. I'm jealous, mine all sound like my father.

Claudia said...

Melissa...who said I'm not cranky?? :)

Tigger...I think you're right (! not true!! v3...puhleeese!! as if!! v4....let's just wait till they're all asleeeeep...mwahahahaha!)

CEO...time to find your own voice mon ami!

Liz said...

I wish I could come hang with you guys!!! Have fun!

Pamela said...

in your head? or like me... I now talk to myself out loud

Crankster said...

I love that opening sentence. It seems like something out of Hunter S. Thompson!

Claudia said...

Liz, Come visit!!!!

Pamela...right now, it's mostly just in my head although my grandmother talked to herself out loud all the time...

Crank...THANK YOU! that is a serious compliment!

Glamourpuss said...

Sounds like your inner child needs a play day!