Sunday, October 14, 2007

South Florida Sample

I've been back in Florida for close to two months now and soon, it will be time to head back to California and resume my edumacation. Will I miss Florida? Darn tootin'. I already did and now, being back here for two months just strengthened that. There are things I miss about Cali, but this is my home; it's where I grew up and it just has a certain flair!

For example, I've been able to listen to some Latin music (and I ain't talkin' mariachi music either!) on a regular basis. If you want your own taste of it, just link to Mega94Nueve!! They play different types of music, some salsa, merengue, bachata (sp?), and spanish rock.

Of course, I've been snapping pics, too and here are a few....

This is the pump house...a bit rusty and time for a new paint job

Here we have a crab hanging out getting some sun

At the end of the jetty, the waves aren't taking any prisoners

On a better day, you can see the fish swimming in the inlet

We saw these macaws hanging out at Bayfront down in Miami

Ready for a close-up?

This one is preening and making it hard to get a better picture

While macaws are nice, can you really be in Florida
without seeing a pink flamingo somewhere??
(note the pink house too...)

Speaking of pink, here's a nice little frangi-pani (aka plumeria)

Yes, this tree is as tall as it looks

This is one of the old houses in the neighborhood.
Nothing says "Florida"quite like an aqua colored wood house!

Another view of the same house.
I really like these little old houses like this.

And the there's this monstrosity. When they first built it,
I thought it was an apartment house. Yes, it's that big-built right to
the property line. I walked by one evening...there's a truck parked in front but
you can't even see any lights on inside.

I used to climb this tree when I was a kid (and broke my arm on one of its cousins)

Hanging out on our back fence, this little brown lizard tries
to warn me off its territory (while staying ready to bolt should I get nearer.)

Elsewhere in the backyard, this curly tail lizard tried to stare me down.

At the nearby mall, the signs for Mother Nature's Pantry

This mall will be torn down at some point. The city council has
now approved new construction. I think they will build a new
mall and a hotel on this property.

Inside the store, the smoothie bar still stands

As you're wandering out for the falling coconuts!

It's not always sunny. We got about 2 weeks of constant rain.
Here, I tried to show it...this is the birdbath in the backyard

Let's take a walk to the local marina...

And get a closeup of this purrrty hibiscus!
(do you see it in the picture above?)

From one of the piers, you can see the Blue Heron Bridge in the distance.

And a boat comes chugging by...

Every Thursday, they have the Arts Walk...
people and vendors mill about.

This was on the side of one of the boats!

At the end of the pier, boat ties are ready and just
occurred to me how clean they are-they must be new.

At the other end of the pier, a little sandpiper keeps an eye on me

And this boater takes his dog out for a sunset tour....


M@ said...

WHY do I live in Washington!? Beautiful.

Willowtree said...

Bee you tee full. I remember Florida as having a truly unique feel to it, and you captured that pretty well.

I recall you mentioning the mall being set for demolition last time you were there.

Claudia said...

M@....I don't know! you tell me!

Willow, thanks! Yes, you're right. I did post some pictures of the mall before-now the city council and the developers have a definite-and approved by vote-plan. There goes my subway and 7-11!!

The CEO said...

Thank you for the gorgeous photography. You snatched victory from the jaws of a miserable weekend.

Marni said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Nosjunkie said...

wow hun these pics are hyper stunning. love the pump house the parrots and the pier pics

Odat said...

Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'd miss being there too!

Glamourpuss said...

Beautiful pictures! I want to visit you!


Claudia said...

CEO...glad to help!!

Marni, thanks!!

Nos, glad you like. I'll have more soon...

Odat...sigh...yeah, it's going to be hard going back!


Pamela said...

I'm old enough that I could be one of those people headed there soon.

But... I only will come to visit. I promise I won't move there and dye my hair that dang ocean.

Tiggerlane said...

Those are FABULOUS photographs! I have to know - are those banyon trees? I've seen some like that in Hawaii - but thought maybe I was mistaken, and that the ones in Florida are mangroves???

Robin said...

Wow, Claudia...stunning, the whole dang bunch.

You are SOOOooo choosing the right career field (do you even need to be told that???).

Thanks for the kinda-sorta travelogue. I wanna come for a visit myself :/ :).

Doppelgänger said...

Man, those pictures make me want to live in Florida....oh wait....never mind