Saturday, November 17, 2007

morning ritual

Cat: MraaaoOOO
Me: What? Whattayawant??
Cat: Mraao?
Me: What you want food?
Cat: Mrooooow
Me: Oh, you think you're getting fed..
Cat: MROW!
Me: No!
Me: Leave me alone cat!!
Cat: Maow...
Me: Maow
Cat: Mraaaooow
Me: Mraaaooow
Cat: Miau?
Me: Miau
Cat: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Cat: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Me: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Cat: Maou
Me: HA! So you say!!
Me: oh shut up!
Cat: Mroow...
Me: Yeah, you want this food??
Cat: Mrrpprrrrrr...

Yeah, I need a life


Melissa said...

oh. my. god. When did you steal my cat?!

Claudia said...

Melissa!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! Ohmygod!!

Crankster said...

Me: Who's your favorite Chinese leader.

Cat: Mao?

Me: Communist!

Claudia said...

Crank, LOL!! I need to get her a little red collar with a star on it.

Szarek(Will) said...

thank god my bro is not the only one on earth with an irratating cat..hehe...yet we still love them...

Glamourpuss said...

Sounds like you need an inter-species translating job - you could make millions with those skills.


Odat said...

LOL...Can relate!!! cept it's my lil snot dog!

Blathering Idiot said...

You have been listening in at my house on any given morning...except I have two that I am arguing with...

What is even more obnoxious is the loud announcements that mean it is bedtime - after I have crawled in, turned out the light and am almost asleep. Shut. Up. Cat!

Claudia said...

Will, from the comments I got, it sounds universal!

Puss, ah, I could use those millions too!!

Odat, what? your dog miaos?

Blather...Ay ay AAY!! I'm lucky, mine pesters me for dinner and then shuts up once she's fed!!

Doppelgänger said...

It could be worse. I have two cats. One sits on my pillow purring(which I often don't realize and turn into cat butt) and the other sits on me while purring and meowing!