Friday, November 30, 2007


Today in class, we had to bring a print that we would like to include in our portfolio. In just a few weeks, we will be presenting a portfolio to a panel of judges for them to praise or tear apart as each judge feels is fit. Ah, yes, this is the rite of passage for any student that goes into upper division.

I've heard different things about the portfolio review. I even heard some horror stories in which the judge told a student to get into a different line of work--also, the teacher told us about one judge that was having a bad day and cussed a student out! From my classmates, I heard it was a mixed bag. Some got their work slammed but still received a good grade. Others didn't get slammed too badly but then got a bad grade. Of course, it was rare that all three judges loved it-I have the feeling it'll be a bit like going up for review by Simon, Paula and Randy (hey! did you ever think that if Randy had a name with three syllables, they could be like the chipmunks.."Alvin, Simon, Thee-o-dooooore" ok back to my post...) Sometimes I also think they tear something apart just to see how a person will react. I dunno, just an idea.

The picture you see up there is the one I submitted in class. It's taken from a sundial at the cemetery at the Santa Barbara Mission. We discussed some other shots I'd taken and I came away remember how subjective this is and how our approach is different. My teacher wants me to use lights and set this up and that up, while I'd rather use available light. He wants me to make it more dramatic (which could be interesting) and give it a feel of horror, while I completely disagree. If that's how he feels about cemeteries and death, so be it, but I don't and I won't take the pictures to fit someone else's idea of what it should be like. I think this'll be interesting.


Glamourpuss said...

I really like that image and I'm with you - your work, your vision, screw him.

I think you're old enough and ugly enough to make your own choices and stand by them - I'll bet that review is interesting!


Doppelgänger said...

I'm not a professional, but I love the pic!

Glugster said...

Love the pic. Keep it personal. Too much technicality takes the life out of it.

And if the judges don't like it, screw them. They're only jealous.

Willowtree said...

I learned the hard way that the opposite is the position to take. Despite how totally lame the teacher's ideas are, that's what he'll mark on. The course is only temporary.

Claudia said...

Glam, who you callin' ugly?? :)'s nice, eh??

Glug, I plan on keeping to what I like. But I very much doubt the judges are jealous, but if so, that would be amazing!

Willow, Exactly. It's temporary.

Richard Madeley said...

Beautiful picture. You should take more of them instead of Facebooking. You really should. Better for the soul.

Odat said...

I love the natural shadow in that pic....
But hey, ya gotta pass, doncha???

Crankster said...

I like that you're using this as an opportunity to work on your own vision.

And I love that print.

Pamela said...

it isn't art if it isn't your creation. They aren't very good teachers if they make you re-create their ideas.

Enough said. I like your picture.

Robin said...

While I agree w/Pammy's sentiment, WT probably makes a point. Thing is, that's your teacher's eye, not yours, and how can you photograph something you haven't even "seen" yourself?

Are you going to post your portfolio pics? I'd love to see 'em (and I'm sure others would, too).

Ok...I'm done stalking you. If I missed a REALLY good post, lemme know and I'll come back. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to stay current. This catching up (with you and a thousand others) is a beotch! lol :)