Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Arizona Trippin' Pt. 1

On the way out to Sedona, the nearly full moon rising over the hills 
somewhere in Arizona (notice the Saguaros on the hill!!)

What can I say? The trip was fabulous!!  It was such a great experience...learning what to do and what not to do (like don't bring all the camera equipment because I won't use it all and do get trail maps and ask when in doubt--which I did!!)

So, a quick the days leading up to my departure, I was quite tired and feeling a bit run down, but I figured it's just the mental energy I had expended was just taking it's toll (I'm a Gemini..we run on nervous energy but need to rest occasionally...and I had just been going and going.)  As I started the trip (later than intended), the sneezing started, which is not unusual as I do have sneezing fits all the time, but this time it felt different. This was not my allergies flaring for attention,  no... this was more. This was a cold. Dammit. No wonder I'd had a sore throat too. 

Oh, well. Nothing I could do about it. I certainly wasn't about to turn around and go home. NO WAY!  But it was quite tiring with lots of traffic and delays and it took me much longer to arrive than I had anticipated. In fact, it was dark. And I had planned to camp, but first, in order to do this, you need to find the campgrounds, which can be challenging when it's dark and you're tired and sick!!  Because I'm trying to do this with spending as little money as I can, the hotel is out ($80 for a cheap hotel!! no way!! and the more affordable one? Well, the office was closed!! hahaha) So, push come to shove, I ended up sleeping in the car the first night. Sleeping bag and blankets, sleeping in my warm jacket and hat, but still it was cold!!!  I think it was in the 20s. 

The next day, I woke and found a cute little place to have breakfast-the Coffeepot Restaurant (Home of 101 Omelettes.) And yes! They actually had 101 omelettes on the menu!! No kidding!  And you get a pot of coffee, nevermind it was for just one person!! The place was bustling, and the food good.  
After that, I started my rounds around town, trying to figure out where to go hike a bit and where some good picture spots would be and the day passed quickly.  My first hike was at Bell Rock, one of Sedona's vortex spots. I climbed up as far as I was comfortable, but there were people clambering up near the top. More power to them, I didn't feel like killing myself yet. 
After that, I drove around, checking out the area. I did find the campgrounds-they were up near the snow. I decided against it because I really didn't know if I was equipped to sleep where it's cold enough to snow and not to mention, I'm already sick; the last thing I wanted was for this cold to turn into bronchitis or even pneumonia!! So, I found the cheap motel and got a room, unloaded the car and then went out hiking again. 
That night was a full moon. I had been planning on this and found a spot that I thought would work. And I set up. And I waited. And waited. And waited. No moon. I checked my watch. Yes, the moon should have risen by now. Where the hell is it? It was getting dark quickly and I was losing the light I wanted and still no moon. I gave up. I packed up and with the car nearly on E, I went to the gas station. As I was pumping, sure enough, over an hour after scheduled moonrise, there she was, peeking over the ridges, glowing brightly. And that was another lesson learned...D'OH!!  Moonrise was an hour earlier, but at that altitude and with the mountains, of course I'm not going to see her until she climbs high enough to be seen-which at that point the perfect light has passed!!
Sigh...after dinner and a margarita, I headed straight back to my room, turned the heat on and totally passed out. I slept for 12 hours.  Gee, you'd think I was tired or something!!


mike said...

I'm first . . . I'm first . . . . I'm first. God my week is slow, sadly this counts as an accomplishment.

Claudia said...

Mike, I'm shocked. Isn't reading my little blog always an accomplishment? hMPH!

Szarek(Will) said...

thats a great pic...nice shot...glad you enjoyed it....but I think you enjoyed your sleeping exp more?

Glamourpuss said...

Beautiful photograph, pet.

Sounds like you had an adventure - the chance to be alone and in peace is really to be relished, no?


Claudia said...

Will...I very much value my sleep!! LOL!! But I do plan on heading out there again in the spring and actually camping this time!! :) was definitely an adventure and the peace out there was soul invigorating!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! WOW! It sounds like you had a delightful trip. I am so glad.

Pamela said...

the cold camping would probably have been healthier than that cheap motel (germ wise)
..but.. maybe not as comfy

glad you slept. Rest is the best.

damn moon anyway.

Claudia said...

Claudia...check out the pictures I posted on the Kaleidoscope!!

Pamela...I dunno. It was actually pretty clean. I've been in worse and yes, it certainly was more comfy!! You said it-DAMN MOON!!! GRRRR....

Doppelgänger said...

I've always been jealous of your adventurous spirit. I rarely, if ever, go out of my comfort zone by myself. It must be that you are a gemini (the twin), you are fine with you and yourself!