Friday, December 07, 2007

oh, time does fly...

when you're ignoring your schoolwork!  In class today, I realized that only two weeks remain of class! Actually, it's just under two weeks, but still, it's almost over!! That certainly brought a smile to my face, not to mention a bit of befuddlement as to how it could already be so late in the session! I mean really!! It just started!!

I've been working on cleaning and clearing things at home as well as finishing up some projects that I started last year.

Remember the painting? I have finally painted that poor back wall that sat neglected with only the trim done for over a year!! Check it out!

'Sabout time too, I say!!

As for clearing out the clutter, while often I do tend to "shuffle" the mess from one room to the next, I realize that as I continue this process, I am having less to shuffle around. I am also resisting the temptation to buy more stuff as I do make room by clearing out. One of these days, I'll have to take a deep breath and start getting rid of all these old magazines that are taking up shelf space.

Many of them are photo magazines that I haven't taken the time to read yet. I have the argument with myself:
V1:"if you haven't read them now, chances are pretty good that you won't read them at all."
V2: "Nooooo!! I'll read them!! Really!! I will!! I just don't know when!!"
V1: "Exactly. It's just taking up space. Get rid of them.
V2: "nooooooo! There might be something in there that's important!!!!"
V2: "well, it hasn't been important enough up to now, has it? Get rid."
V1: "noooooooooooooooooo!!"

As you can see, this is a circular battle with the nooos getting longer and whinier. Logic vs. emotion. It's an ugly, epic battle going on here. Eventually, if I can get the emotional side to feel good about letting it go, then it'll be easy. The time does keep moving closer, and I'm sure I'll blather about it when it finally does happen, but in the meantime, the internal struggle continues.

For a different bit of news, it's raining. I don't think we've had a good rain since I came back and I don't know since how long before then! So, this rain is welcome even though it is bringing colder weather (grrr....) I shall suck it up. My plants will be happy and I have to admit, it's really nice falling asleep listening to the rain fall.



Robin said...

Ahhh, the beauty and convolution of circular logic; if I didn't know better, I'd say you found a way to creep inside my brain and eavesdrop on my own self-talk.

Glad you're getting your school done work without the added stress...doesn't do any good (to stress) anyway, right?

And........I LOVE your blue and yellow walls! They just look HAPPY AND CHEERFUL! Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why you aren't stressing so much!

Playing blog-catch-up to read some more :).


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear claudia. Firstly, the walls look great! I love the colours. Secondly, ALWAYS keep mags. I always read them, eventually. First I'll just flick through. Then pick them up a month later and read a couple of articles. Then a month after that, I decide I want to read the whole thing so I can chuck it out, so I put it in the toilet where it will get read. And then, when I've read the whole thing, I think it's so great that I can't chuck it, so it lives on my bookshelf! And so on. and so forth.

Claudia said...

Robin, yes, the walls are good, very tropical colors!! as for the self talk, hehehe, you too?? why am I not surprised!! :)

Dear LMM, you are not helping!! :) I actually have magazines that I haven't read from last year!!

Crankster said...

Just find a time when you're stuck with nothing else to do: taking a bath, going to the toilet, taking a long-ass bus ride...

Glamourpuss said...

I had the same internal struggle about a decade's worth of Vogue magazines. Eventually, I binned them, only to discover, a couple of years later, that were saleable. Humph...


Robin said...

Dayem........OVER A MONTH SINCE I'VE READ YOU? I mean, sure, I've skimmed you in Bloglines...pulled your page up several times, how could I NOT read my Claudia?

I suck.

Forgive me?

Gonna try to read a bit while my husband "decompresses" from work, but then we're headed out the door.

I guess I'll find out how your holidays went and how your new year is going...

(hangs head...tail between legs....)

but smiling, ALWAYS smiling

(see? I DO self talk ;) ).