Thursday, January 03, 2008


Heading to LAX, I took the Airbus. It’s really worth it but the early wake up call is harsh. I like it because I can look out the window at the ocean until I fall asleep.

I saw a car with tires that were mostly rim. It was weird. I wonder if it helps with mileage or if it’s just for looks. And how quickly it would deflate with a nail in it.

I can’t believe the amount of UGG boots I am seeing. However, I am happy to report that some of them are a bit better looking than the stereotypical beige with the white fluff. The black and dark brown ones could almost pass for normal shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I am amused by women wearing tight little pumps or slip on high heels while trying to maneuver their luggage. While some women have no problem with this, you can also tell the ones that are uncomfortable because, rather than taking normal steps, they seem to shuffle along, taking half steps, not yet having mastered their own shoes.

The sight of an airplane whooshing overhead as it comes in for landing, seeming as if it will land on the road, still thrills me. However, as a passenger, my favorite part is the take-off.

Taking off from LAX, the airplane heads west first, out over the Pacific before looping back and heading inland. The view from up high affords a particular view I always look to see if I can catch a glimpse of some sort of marine life. Today I was not disappointed. At first thinking it a shark, I looked closer and realized I had just caught sight of my first whale in the Pacific. Gorgeous.

I wonder about fellow travelers and passengers as I see them in the airports-like the woman that just walked by wearing a full length fur coat-in Florida. Granted, it is cold and my fleece is barely enough to keep me warm, but overkill in both senses of the word doesn’t appeal to me.

Florida is still one of the top states people go to die. At least half of the passengers on my plane to Tampa were elderly and the airline had a staggering 11 requests for wheelchairs. Amazing.

I so appreciate the airports that give their travelers free wi-fi internet access. It always seems to be the smaller airports though. Imagine a world where LAX would allow free internet!!

So far, I haven’t seen one single pair of UGG boots in Florida.

I finally saw the UGG boots here in Florida at PBI..and they were the ugliest I've seen yet-with the white fur in a line/square pattern on the outside of the boots. UGGGGLY!!


Szarek(Will) said...

See you in FL

Open Grove Claudia said...

I hope you have a great trip! When I was a kid, I would take people to LAX just for the chance to watch the people. It's an amazing microcosm of our world.

I hate UGGS too. I mean, they are perfect if it's -4 but... I blame Britney.

M@ said...

Yeah, SOME women really know how to work it.

The CEO said...

The best thing about UGG boots is the stock (DECK)

Tiggerlane said...

I am a frequent wearer of high heels, but always went for COMFORT in the airport. I have always wondereed about those women who wear them during travel.

Claudia said...

Will...I'm waiting!! :)

Claudia...yeah, and I don't plan on being in -4 anytime soon!! I don't know who to blame, but what the hell! Let's blame Britney's mom!! :)


CEO...I shoulda bought their stock 5 years ago!!

Tigger...and yet I think you'd be one of the women to pull off the heels in the airport with style!!

C said...

what the heck are UGG boots?

Glamourpuss said...

UGG boots. Blech...

Mind you, when I flew back from LV last summer, I wore four-inch Louis Vuitton wegdes. Man, I had some blisters...