Friday, January 25, 2008


This is the 2nd or 3rd day in a row of rain. Good rain. Not your meager little drizzly pathetic sort of rain (which ought to not be considered rain at all really) but a good downpour complete with thunder and lightning, and power outages!


I say that with full glee, because I honestly believe in a good violent downpour every once in a while. Let the rain come down and wash everything away. Ok, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic  but it certainly is needed.

Last winter, we didn't have much rain at all. The consequence? The Zaca Fire, starting on July 4, and burning for months, finally being contained in September and controlled at the end of October. Dude, that is a long burn. And I am not a fan of breathing all the crud that the wind blows our way from those fires. Nosirreee!

So, this winter, we're getting rain. Up in the hills/mountains, they're getting snow. Earlier today I marvelled at being able to see the snow caps when the clouds cleared for a bit. Within a few hours, the 

Although I am not a fan of the cold and damp, for whatever reason, this we're having now feels right. And good. 


Nosjunkie said...

I cant possibly stand another day of rain its driving me nuts

Willowtree said...

We're getting some decent falls here too....finally! I love thunderstorms, the dogs, not so much.

Glamourpuss said...

It sounds like a cleasing. All good.


Paul said...

Like my Granny used to say in her inimitable Southern way, "It's the Lord doin' his work." :-)

Odat said...

Hey, I'm sorry for your loss...I'm glad you had a chance to make peace...
An another note...I got the shoes!! but they're still at my office and I'm not going back there until Monday....I'll do a post with pictures and e'thing!!! Can't wait.

heather a. goodman said...

I'm a big fan of storms, too, especially when I've a good book around.
Or when I've got enough wood for an ark ;)

Claudia said...

Nos...normally I'd agree 100%

Willow, the dogs probably think the world is ending. Poor things. How are your cats? Mine is as blasé as ever! She's only mad she can't go outside or she'll get wet.

Puss-it is very good. If it weren't so cold, I'd stand in it.

Paul, your Granny was on to something.

Odat, thank you. And I'll be looking forward to your post! :)

Heather, I don't have wood, but I've got plenty of reading!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I always loved those California storms. When I moved to Berkeley, though, it rained for 3 months straight - no break. Only time on record - some cleansing, eh?

I'm so sorry about your Dad. I hope you are able to find some peace in the middle of this difficult process. I think the complicated deaths are the hardest to come to terms with.


Claudia said...

Claudia, 3 months?? that Here it doesn't rain that often and we don't get good storms like that often. It was great.
Thanks for the hug!;)

Pamela said...

it started raining here... nd it's 23 degrees. so, instead of washing things, it is freezing to things.
and everything is so freakin' slick.

I'm staying home.

Claudia said...

Pamela, that is an excellent idea.