Friday, February 01, 2008

First day of February

Mornings are generally quiet around here, the low hum of the 101 present in the background as Ms. Kitty eats and then goes outside. This morning, after some unusual sounds outside, kitty runs back in, ears up at full alert, eyes wide, tail down and twitching. I hear some yelling outside. What the hell is going on?

Still in my pj's, I head outside, the street seems quiet. I head back in and hear more yelling. I head back out and look again. At the opposite end of the road, it seems to be a minor accident, a red minivan is pulled over to the side of the freeway entrance, brakelight broken. A man in faded jeans, a plaid shirt, baseball cap and wire-rimmed glasses is in the middle of the road, on his cell phone and picking up pieces. He yells and rants, his agitation obvious. He even get mad at cars that need to get by, gesturing at them with an angry wave of his arm as if they are in his way.


Richard Madeley said...

Men and their tail lights, cats and their tails... And I suspect this was a bit of a tall tale, but an enjoyable one, nonetheless.

Glamourpuss said...

Men are strange.

Love your new avatar by the way, pet.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Unbelievable. I mean really, you wanted your morning messed up like that?

How are you doing? How do you feel about your Dad? I'm thinking of you.

Claudia said...

Richard, strangely enough, it's all true.

Puss, they really are, aren't they?

Claudia, it was so bizarre it was actually funny. I mean, for someone to get so angry about a minor little thing-no one got hurt, both cars were still driveable. People got nothing better to worry about I guess. As for my dad, I'm actually doing pretty well. I'll email you.

Pamela said...

Ms Kitty knows caterwauling when she hears it!!!

Robin said...

My tail woulda probably been down and twitchin', too ;).

Rob Hopcott said...

I was walking down my road to play some tennis with the other wrinklies at club night and this car roared up the road clearly doing far more than the 30mph speed limit.

I turned and watched as it sped up the road but then it screeched to a stop and the male occupant leaped out and shouted at me

'What are you looking at you *******' and more in that vein.

I called out

'You frightened me, son, you frightened me ... I thought someone was going to get hurt.'

I turned and walked on to play my game of tennis with more civilized people, hoping he wouldn't follow me.

Behind me I heard the slam of his car door and the screech of his tires on the road as he took off.

Was I in a deprived area of London or New York?

No, I was in a small Somerset rural town in England's beautiful West Country.

Claudia said...

Pamela...she certainly does.

Robin, what? you have a tail? you hide it so well in your pictures? hehe...

Rob, welcome and thank you for stopping by my little blog.Sorry to hear about that incident, but I guess where people have cars, it will happen.

Nosjunkie said...

Driving is what screws most of my days up.
no wait people driving screws most of my days up

Odat said...

Angers blinds!

I'm just playing catch up here...sorry. But like you mentioned about not feeling like bloggin when you were home, I feel like it sometimes but not always and I've not been around to comment or read everyone....I still plan to do the "shoe" thing....I've got some ideas in my brain but I haven't gotten to it I'll get there.