Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday? Already?

Ever have one of those weeks that the days are all jumbled in your head?
This week, Monday felt like Wednesday, Tuesday felt like Monday, Wednesday felts like Friday, Thursday became Tuesday and now, Friday? Already? I've had to try and remember what day it actually is all week.

Class is almost done-we had registration this week and one of the hassles of being in upper division is how much longer registration takes. Lower division, the classes are set, you know what you're taking next and you just go to do the paperwork. Upper division, you get to choose your classes. They do try to limit the confusion by making us fill out sheets with our preferred classes for the remainder of our time in school, but it's not set in stone. Not only that, but some people don't fill them out, others change their mind in registration and so go over their schedules with the folks at registration. (I also think that if they posted the damn classes available online the week before, it would really help, but do they do this? nooo...only the non crucial classes.)

I stood in line for 2 hours waiting my turn.

I was done in 10 minutes.


So, now it's Friday. Somehow. It's all a bit suspicious.

I have to run up to school, print out one last sheet before I sit and start my write-ups. That will be the majority of my day today. I'll be analyzing how different colors print on different papers (thrills the scientist inside of me, as in "oooh, look at that!! Cool, there is a difference!) That has been my class this session-all about color and printing color. Like, did you know that your eye only sees 3 colors and then processes those three colors into the hundreds and millions of colors we "see"? Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I've gotten a late start and I need to get going. Hope you all have a great day.


LizB said...

Oh God yes; that song makes me speedy. Thanks for all the comment love you've given me lately.

Pamela said...

interesting about the eyes... we just learned something similar about printers

Paul said...

Have a good weekend Claudia...

M@ said...

It's Claudia!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I haven't heard Radar Love for about 100 years - thanks for the flash back. I'm glad school is going well - with all it's ups and downs. Good for you for hanging in there!

Robin said...

1) I need a convertible...

2) And I feel like going back to school all of a sudden.

3) What day did you say it was???


Claudia said...

LizB, you're welcome. I like visiting your blog!

Pamela, yes, printers have 4 basic colors they use. Amazing, isn't it?

Paul, you too. it's not. Really. or is it. I just don't know anymore!!

Claudia...I have always loved that song! The drums alone just pump through my blood...And thank you for the kind words of encouragement!

1. not when it keeps raining (on my parade!!)
2. you're funny, I'm anxious for it to be done!
3. It's today!!!

Glamourpuss said...

So what did you sign up for?

Puss x