Monday, February 25, 2008

good point

On the way to school this morning, one of the radio DJs talked about the Oscars last night and the commercials played on TV. She said she saw commercials promoting tourism to California-visit California!

And then she pointed out the obvious...why are they showing these commercials in California? Aren't we already here if we're seeing these commercials on the local tv station?? Hmmmm..Or were the commercials part of the national showing? I don't know (didn't see either the Oscars or commercials.) But I do remember seeing a Florida promotional commercial when in Florida and thinking the same damn thing!!

Any ideas? `Cuz I just don't get it.


Karmyn R said...

odd. I certainly don't see any Tour Oregon ads on t.v.

However - maybe they are trying to get local Californian's to travel their own state more. Who knows.

Open Grove Claudia said...

It started when I lived there. They realized that a lot of Californians traveled to other places rather than in California. The ads are to get Californians to spend their dollars within the state. And it works too. There's so much to see there - so much to do - that people need a little nudge to do it!

James Burnett said...

Yeah, that does kind of seem like the commercials are wasted on a local audience. You crazy Cotti-phone-ee-ans. Did I pronounce that right ?>)

Jon said...

I thought it was just an Irish thing.
I'm sick seeing adds of Belfast on TV, I live there, I know what it's like.

M@ said...

They're trying to convince native-born Americans to not leave California, I think.

Claudia said...

Karmyn, that's cuz you Oregonians are smart-trying to keep the secret to yourselves!! :)

Claudia, ok, that makes more sense now! I have to say, Californians are very proud of their state....and many do travel within the borders!

James, I have no idea if you pronounced it right or not-who are you trying to be? LOL!

Jon, cool to have you visiting from Belfast. I was there once and the murals of men in masks with rifles totally spooked me. I'll be stopping by your blog and checking it out! Thanks for stopping by!

M@...uh, ok. I guess showing all the celebs living here would have that effect?