Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Notes on Infrared

I'm so glad I never got rid of my first digital SLR camera, the D70. While it may be only 6megapixels, it is better suited for the things I'm doing in class right now (infrared) than my newer camera.

The last time I shot infrared was on film back in the 90s. Now, I'm trying to shoot infrared (IR) with a digital camera, but did you know that most digital cameras have a special IR blocker built in? Yeah, makes things tricky, doesn't it?? So, you end up with a few options...
1. Have the blocker taken out...but then you won't be able to take normal pictures on that camera. In effect, you'd have a camera sensitive to both UV and IR light.
2. Use filters that block out regular light. And you know what?? You can't see through them!! So you better focus before you put that filter on. And get ready for much longer exposures.

So, why is my old camera better?? Well, newer cameras have bigger and better UV and IR blockers। So that means that you need much longer exposures to get anything to show up।  So my trusy old D70, the same one that I used on my little cross country trip comes in handy once again. I'm still getting a hang of how to get some decent looking IR shots, here is one of my first attempts..aloe in infrared.


Glamourpuss said...

That plant looks spooky!


Melissa said...

I appreciate the spikey'ness of the aloe. Isn't it strange that something that is a known healer has such scary looking spikes on it? heehee

~Plant Magick~

On a limb with Claudia said...

That's gorgeous. I've never heard of infared until you started this class but I'll tell you Claudia.
I feel like I can reach in and touch that cactus. I don't usually have that experience with pictures.


KarmynR said...

Very cool picture. I didn't even realize cameras had IR blockers... but of course, I didn't even know that would have been a problem.

Pamela said...

I have not idea what you're talking about. (: