Monday, February 25, 2008

good point

On the way to school this morning, one of the radio DJs talked about the Oscars last night and the commercials played on TV. She said she saw commercials promoting tourism to California-visit California!

And then she pointed out the obvious...why are they showing these commercials in California? Aren't we already here if we're seeing these commercials on the local tv station?? Hmmmm..Or were the commercials part of the national showing? I don't know (didn't see either the Oscars or commercials.) But I do remember seeing a Florida promotional commercial when in Florida and thinking the same damn thing!!

Any ideas? `Cuz I just don't get it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday? Already?

Ever have one of those weeks that the days are all jumbled in your head?
This week, Monday felt like Wednesday, Tuesday felt like Monday, Wednesday felts like Friday, Thursday became Tuesday and now, Friday? Already? I've had to try and remember what day it actually is all week.

Class is almost done-we had registration this week and one of the hassles of being in upper division is how much longer registration takes. Lower division, the classes are set, you know what you're taking next and you just go to do the paperwork. Upper division, you get to choose your classes. They do try to limit the confusion by making us fill out sheets with our preferred classes for the remainder of our time in school, but it's not set in stone. Not only that, but some people don't fill them out, others change their mind in registration and so go over their schedules with the folks at registration. (I also think that if they posted the damn classes available online the week before, it would really help, but do they do this? nooo...only the non crucial classes.)

I stood in line for 2 hours waiting my turn.

I was done in 10 minutes.


So, now it's Friday. Somehow. It's all a bit suspicious.

I have to run up to school, print out one last sheet before I sit and start my write-ups. That will be the majority of my day today. I'll be analyzing how different colors print on different papers (thrills the scientist inside of me, as in "oooh, look at that!! Cool, there is a difference!) That has been my class this session-all about color and printing color. Like, did you know that your eye only sees 3 colors and then processes those three colors into the hundreds and millions of colors we "see"? Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I've gotten a late start and I need to get going. Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Could  I possibly be getting used to living here after over a year?

The past few days brought awesome weather-it was actually hot and sunny-you know, what people think of when they think of Cali!! Both mornings I woke up to bright sun, eagerly opening the shades to let it inside. 

This morning, as I woke up, something wasn't right. The sun wasn't trying to sneak in around the shades. The light filtering through was dim. I got up, wondering if it was rain. I looked outside to gray mist. 

"oh, it's just the marine layer-it should clear up later this afternoon," I thought to myself, opening the shades and getting my day started without much worry. 

And then, I realized--since when does it not bring me down if I wake up to grayness? Since when does it not send me scurrying back into bed with thoughts of sleeping until the sun comes back? Since when do I accept it as par for the course that it should be misty after a few hot days? I might be getting used to living here after all.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Smile with the morning sun...only one little bird

El Gato curls up with a book

While outside, the first flowers of spring bloom

Friday, February 01, 2008

First day of February

Mornings are generally quiet around here, the low hum of the 101 present in the background as Ms. Kitty eats and then goes outside. This morning, after some unusual sounds outside, kitty runs back in, ears up at full alert, eyes wide, tail down and twitching. I hear some yelling outside. What the hell is going on?

Still in my pj's, I head outside, the street seems quiet. I head back in and hear more yelling. I head back out and look again. At the opposite end of the road, it seems to be a minor accident, a red minivan is pulled over to the side of the freeway entrance, brakelight broken. A man in faded jeans, a plaid shirt, baseball cap and wire-rimmed glasses is in the middle of the road, on his cell phone and picking up pieces. He yells and rants, his agitation obvious. He even get mad at cars that need to get by, gesturing at them with an angry wave of his arm as if they are in his way.