Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ninja Turkey Strikes...

My best friend tried to get the day after Thanksgiving off by asking if she could come in on the weekend instead to fulfill her hours. She was told, "No. [Head honcho] doesn't feel it's safe for you to be alone here."
There is only one explanation I think of...NINJA TURKEYS!!
Yes, my friends, this is a little known troubling trend among turkeys. In an effort to avoid being eaten on Thanksgiving day, turkeys have begun ninja training. They lurk everywhere, especially empty office buildings on the weekends, just waiting for the lone employee that comes in on the weekend. When this happens, the ninja turkey strikes! That poor employee never saw it coming-such is the stealth of the ninja turkey. So, my friends, this Thanksgiving Day, give thanks that your employer is making you work on Friday. It might have saved your life....

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