Saturday, March 01, 2014


This morning, I woke up when I heard a "Thunk!" against my window. I thought, "What was that?" and got to look. On my small balcony, I saw the source. It looked like a brown-grey blob that, to my unawake eye, seemed like a large seed or demolished toy of some sort. I figured someone threw it, but who and why? All sorts of strange thoughts- maybe it was something someone shot, not realizing it would hit someone's house? Maybe some neighborhood kid found this thing and just threw it, again, not realizing it would hit? All sorts of strange, sleepy thoughts. I decided to investigate.

After pulling my jeans on (after all someone could be out there, I don't need to flash the neighborhood), I stepped out on the balcony and there, in the cold pre-dawn, was my little blob--a tiny bird, just sitting there, dazed, probably wondering, "what the hell just happened??"

I scooped it up and it just sat in my hands, blinking up at me. It was a little warbler. I went downstairs and sat outside with it, waiting for it to recover from its shock. At least in my hands, it had warmth. We just sat there, it blinking up at me, me staring at it in wonderment.  A few times it closed its eyes and napped, but at my slightest movement would look back up at me.

Finally, it flittered a few feet away to an empty plant pot on the table, and studied me from there. Sitting in the cold morning air, my nose started betraying me and, as much as I tried to stifle it, I sneezed, startling my little friend to the fence, a little further away.

Now, knowing it was recovering, I slowly got up and grabbed my camera. It wasn't afraid, and sat there looking at me while I took some photos of it as the sun came up. Finally, it recovered enough to fly off into the nearby trees.

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