Saturday, November 15, 2014

I love my friends...

I missed a day yesterday, but I had a great reason- my friends came over to visit, bringing wine and gifts and lots of laughter! How lucky am i?

Here is the homemade get well card they made for me. I love it! Inside were a bunch of little cards each with jokes from everyone. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with their creativity and they that took the time to do this for me.


They also brought me a present. They said knowing I'm mostly home and lots of time on my hands, they thought this could entertain me a bit.

OOOH!!!!! This looks like so much fun! I've never done any type of pottery, so this is going to be a new experience for me. It's like being a kid again!! Needless to say, the wine flowed and the time passed too quickly. Before I knew it, it was late, and it was time for them to go. And I missed a blogging day-some things are just more important!

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