Sunday, November 09, 2014


Well, that's what I call it anyhoo…  does it have to be an iPhone? No. It can be any phone you have, as long as you have access to some cool apps.

So, what's the deal?  Everyone takes pics with their phones. So many people have Instagram accounts, which allows you to tweak your photos to a certain extent.  But if you want to have a little more fun with it, you can actually combine apps and get some funky results. It's all a matter of experimenting and playing with it. Some apps allow you to add textures and effects to you photos. Or maybe they let you add a negative frame. Some have built in effects that maybe mimic Holga or something similar. For example, one of my apps has a Tilt/Shift effect, which is similar to Instagram's blur. But when I combine it with some of their lens filters, it creates a whole new look. Here's one I did that way….It was just some faded bracelets taken up close. However, I like the effect much better than if I had just taken it without the tilt shift effect.

As I mentioned, you can combine effects with various apps too. It's a bit of a hit and miss…but here are a couple of ones that I feel worked well for me.

I love this one. Two friends of mine were walking toward the water around sunset, but being that we're on the East coast, we will never see the sun setting on the ocean. But adding this texture effect, and then adding another with the film frame gave the photo a whole new look. 

Of course, in Florida, palm trees abound…I layered a couple of different effects here and got a new look. I thought it worked well with the colors of the palm tree.

Another thing we get quite often here? Trains. I'm not sure if you get stopped as often where you may live, but here, it happens quite often. So, I sit there at the light and snap pics, then mess with them. This one I added a cracked effect, added the photo frame, and then chose one of the instagram filters to give it the enhanced color. 

And finally, Christmas (yes, it's coming!) I took a closeup of one of the decorations on my mom's tree, added one filter and voilà…the effect is complete. 

So, I hope you have fun with them. All the programs I have are free photo programs downloaded from the apps store. Since I am on an iPhone, I don't know if all the programs are available for Android and other users, but I'm sure if you look through, you'll find some you'll like!


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