Monday, May 02, 2016

Clouds over land and sea...

I never fully appreciated how amazing clouds are. Until they were no longer there. The sunny days of California were marked by an endless blue stretch of sky. But where were the clouds? The big puffy clouds that seem ever-present here in Florida? The rolling storm clouds? The wispy? The unusual? Where, o where could they be?? Usually not in California. Unless they were endless gray, or the fire clouds, neither of which were really that appealing.
Ever since moving back to Florida, my love and appreciation of these massive cumulonimbostraticumulocirrus darlings in the sky continues.  Yes, I realize that is not actually a type of cloud, but that's how I feel about them. Driving back from California, my friend G. was amused by my exaggerated enthusiasm as we entered Florida and-Behold! Clouds!!  She and I have now traded places; I am in Florida, and she is out in California. She now understands. Whereas other places might have hills and mountains,  or some other geologic features, Florida is blessed with the most amazing array of clouds. 
I mean really, look at this… oooh, clouds! It just wouldn't be the same without.
clouds over the ocean at Juno Pier
Juno Beach Pier
On Singer Island, a storm moving in from inland

And here, a storm moving in over the ocean

Or this…like an angel's wing...
It's not always about the storm clouds though..

And these? Surreal.

Taken in Tampa. Reflections!

And finally, shot at night-an amazing storm out in the ocean.

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