Sunday, May 08, 2016

The woodpecker and the blackbird

One great thing about Florida is the wildlife. We have a slew of different critters-from bugs to snakes to gators to birds, and that's not mentioning the sea creatures. My sister puts food out for the birds every morning. One day, this little guy showed up.

He started up in the tree.
woodpecker in tree

Then made his way to the feeder.
woodpecker at feeder

 Then, after a little while, this other guy shows up, the blackbird. Although this photo is a bit blurry it makes me laugh because the woodpecker was not happy. Here he was screaming at the blackbird.
a woodpecker and a blackbird at a feeder

The blackbird did fly away. And then came back, a little further away.
blackbird at the feeder

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