Monday, January 02, 2017

small rant of the road

I shouldn't be surprised, yet I am, because I suppose I would just like to believe the best of people, but then end up bitterly disappointed in the seemingly non-existent use of brain cells, especially driving. Now, I admit I have committed my fair share of stupid things but some things just make me shake my head.

Like today, the guy that tried to cut me off from the merge lane. I'm ahead of him, I have the right of way, and he tried to zoom past me, but he couldn't because he ran out of merge lane. I just happened to see him next to me right before he had to brake. I realized what he was trying to do, so I looked over to say, WTF are you doing? And...he was wearing a neck brace and driving a car full of people.

Then, what is it that makes people veer into the nearby lane when they want to turn? By this point, neck-brace dude is long gone, and I'm driving in the middle lane, when I realize the car directly to my left is drifting into my lane. Whoa!Whoa!! I have nowhere to go!! What are you doing?? And then he (she? I don't know. Don't really care), after nearly crashing into me, turns left.
What was that about? Are you driving an 18 wheeler or towing something that you need the extra room to turn so your caboose doesn't go over the curb? NO! You're driving a sporty little car, Mercedes I might add, so learn how to freaking turn without hogging the road! Use some of that moolah of yours to get yourself some driving lessons! This one really gets me because I see it so often. Believe it or not, your car can turn right or left from a normal street without having to veer wide. Yes! Yes, it can!

Ok, rant over. You may continue with your regularly scheduled program.

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