Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Ah well, what the hell...

So here I am again. Seems that I get my best ideas in the morning as I am driving to work in the morning as the sun is barely waking up itself. At that time, the ideas come to me, "ooh, I need to write a blog post about x and get that off my mind...."

Then, reality overtakes me. I arrive at work. I do my stuff. I go go go until the end of the day when I drag my weary bones home. And, it seems the moment I get home, my brain shuts off. You want me to do what? I dunno. What do I need to do? I dunno. It's a big funcking I DUNNO. Brain shuts off...basic nature takes over as I need food and rest to do it all again the next day.

That's where I'm at now.

Friday, September 15, 2017

What not to say...

Recently, my sister died of cancer. It's a horrible thing to witness, and a horrible thing to go through. What do you say to someone who has lost someone? It doesn't matter if it was cancer, or any other of the million and one ways that people can die...what do you say?

For me, I found that the best thing to hear was simply "I'm sorry," (or offer condolences) because there is NOTHING that you can say to make the loss any better. It tears a hole in your world- a large raging hole and life will never be the same. And it doesn't matter if you knew it was coming- when it happens, it hits hard.

However, a few people said some things that I just wanted to scream at them and tell them to fuck off,  even if they meant well. For one thing, do not try to say things like, "she is in a better place now" or anything in that vein- "she's now part of the universe" or any other fucking bullshit like that because it does not help. Really, it doesn't.

It's a fine line of what works and what doesn't. With my sister, those that knew her, many did say that at least she was no longer suffering- and that is a sentiment I can deal with- that I can agree. Yes, it hurts she's gone, but with illness, it's torture watching someone in pain and suffering and there is nothing you can do. The drugs only help so much, and all you can do is watch them slip away. So, which is worse? Knowing the pain is over is actually a consolation, as much as you would want that person to be here, you don't want them here suffering. So that is a consolation.

But anything about where they might be, no. Just don't. You don't know for sure, and even if you believe what you're saying, it doesn't help. So shut the fuck up about that. Yes, we are all energy, we all go back to the source, we are all one, yada yada yada. But it doesn't help. So don't do it.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Starting over

I've reverted many of my old posts to drafts. Kept the ones with my own photography. Starting over. We'll see where this takes me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Food Trucks at Carlin Park

Wednesday are not only yoga night, they are also food truck night. I mean, what better way to end a session of yoga than to go get some food?
The choices are great. For example, there was a grilled cheese truck. I thought, how many ways can you make grilled cheese? Well, apparently quite a few! Other choices included Greek, a donut truck, ice cream, burgers, and even a vegetarian truck! 

Here, you can see one of the rows of trucks.

My friend and her kids went straight to the ice cream truck. 

I love the white shirt and red bow tie. Very retro.

The boys, ice cream in hand!

It was time for me to keep looking around.

This one caught my eye. What can I say? I'm a sucker for newsprint.

I ended up ordering the Tribune-grilled chicken breast, applewood bacon, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayo. They were actually out of lettuce, so they put spinach on it instead! Even better!
Here, Jimmy brings me my sammich.

It was amazing! Honestly, I meant to eat half and have the other half for lunch the next day.
But, well, yeah...I couldn't resist. I ended up eating all of it that night.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

The woodpecker and the blackbird

One great thing about Florida is the wildlife. We have a slew of different critters-from bugs to snakes to gators to birds, and that's not mentioning the sea creatures. My sister puts food out for the birds every morning. One day, this little guy showed up.

He started up in the tree.
woodpecker in tree

Then made his way to the feeder.
woodpecker at feeder

 Then, after a little while, this other guy shows up, the blackbird. Although this photo is a bit blurry it makes me laugh because the woodpecker was not happy. Here he was screaming at the blackbird.
a woodpecker and a blackbird at a feeder

The blackbird did fly away. And then came back, a little further away.
blackbird at the feeder

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

Clouds over land and sea...

I never fully appreciated how amazing clouds are. Until they were no longer there. The sunny days of California were marked by an endless blue stretch of sky. But where were the clouds? The big puffy clouds that seem ever-present here in Florida? The rolling storm clouds? The wispy? The unusual? Where, o where could they be?? Usually not in California. Unless they were endless gray, or the fire clouds, neither of which were really that appealing.
Ever since moving back to Florida, my love and appreciation of these massive cumulonimbostraticumulocirrus darlings in the sky continues.  Yes, I realize that is not actually a type of cloud, but that's how I feel about them. Driving back from California, my friend G. was amused by my exaggerated enthusiasm as we entered Florida and-Behold! Clouds!!  She and I have now traded places; I am in Florida, and she is out in California. She now understands. Whereas other places might have hills and mountains,  or some other geologic features, Florida is blessed with the most amazing array of clouds. 
I mean really, look at this… oooh, clouds! It just wouldn't be the same without.
clouds over the ocean at Juno Pier
Juno Beach Pier
On Singer Island, a storm moving in from inland

And here, a storm moving in over the ocean

Or this…like an angel's wing...
It's not always about the storm clouds though..

And these? Surreal.

Taken in Tampa. Reflections!

And finally, shot at night-an amazing storm out in the ocean.