Saturday, July 22, 2006


Oh, I shudder to think of it. Apparently, 80's fashion is making a comeback. It was only a matter of time, really, but still, I shudder. I was just looking at urban outfitter's catalog online, and, "What? Are those jellies? Ohmigod, they're selling jellies!" Then, I turned the page to see large print tees, nautical stripes, leggings! Oh say it ain't so!! But, yes, leggings are back. If you're not pencil thin, and you want something to make you look really big (imagine egg on stilts), then go with leggings and a nautical stripe shirt. Works every time!

At least, I haven't seen fluorescent colors. Yet. It's probably just a matter of time. Then, there's the lightning earrings. Yep, I think I had a pair. If I didn't, I certainly wanted them. Only this time, they're very pretty, on a soft, pretty girl instead of the angry punk rocker chick. It's kind of amusing. There are certain things I missed about the 80's, like flat leather sandals and Converse (timeless, but I do associate them with the 80's.) However, I don't foresee myself wearing leggings again. Nor do I expect to have big hair and frosty eye shadow. I didn't like them the first time around, I don't see why I should like them this time.

The nice thing is that I doubt anyone will dress head-to-toe 80's. If they do, and it's not an 80's night at the club or Halloween, they deserved to be mocked till stomp their jellied feet in annoyance. I'm sure other, more sane, people will temper this 80's rehash into something acceptable (even though the, please leave these out!) I'll have to keep my eyes open!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Class talk and tangents

Today, I started classes...well, my one class. We all grabbed the handouts conveniently waiting for us on the table and then sat and waited for class to start. People came and went from the classroom, I think some people used it as a sure. Then class began, and we had people from student management come and talk to us again just to reiterate all the stuff they covered last week and make sure we knew up from down and such things.

Ok. That out of the way, actual class finally began and our teacher started. Why is it, that the moment it becomes inconvenient and a little too obvious, that is the precise moment my bladder decides that it wants to eliminate all the fluids I've consumed thus far that morning? It has got to be related to the law that the moment your hands are full or you're digging in the dirt, or doing the dishes, whatever it is that your hands are not available, that is when your nose will start to itch like mad, creating all sorts of interesting alternatives and funny facial expressions. (ok, tangent over...back to class...)

So, I sat there for over an hour, taking notes, and just soaking it all in! Sigh...I'm not much of a student unless the subject interests me!! And considering I left everything behind to move out here where I know noone in order to pursue this course of study, well, yes, I would say this subject interests me!! We did cover topics I had covered in previous courses, but already, class 1, the beginning of the beginning, we've already gone into more details, more technical considerations, and the brain's got to be working already to get this done! Keeewl.

Of course, we can't talk about photography without going over supplies. The list of supplies for the class is over a page long. Yes, it is. Luckily for my starving wallet, not all of it is completely essential right away. Yes, I will need to get most of this stuff over the course of the class, however, not all at once! And luckily, I already had some supplies, like a film camera with complete manual control! I would think that most students also already have one, but apparently, that ain't the case. I also already have film and slide sleeves...tripod....lenses for the camera....good,good. But having that stuff, I still had to go out and purchase an almost obscene amount of stuff that I will need to process and print, not to mention the textbooks! Ah, yes, textbooks. It's kinda funny, you go to a bookstore, whether Barnes and Nobles, Borders or smaller private bookshops, and most of the time, for a brand new book, you may spend $20-$30 for a hardback...generally speaking. There are the exceptions but generally, yeah, that's about the price. Then, textbooks always cost at least double, if not triple that. Why is that? Is it some sort of textbook conspiracy? These textbook authors hanging out in musty libraries and underground caves scheming how they can get more money for their books???? hmmmm....Anyway, for the almost obscene of money I spent on supplies, nearly half of that was for the textbooks (2 of them) and paper to print on. So, all in all, these supplies I just got should last me quite a long time.

Let's see, what else?? Well, I will have to write papers, 3 papers actually. Critiques....each one should be maybe a page to page and a half long, double spaced! And I get to say what I like and don't like without having anyone back me up on it! It's my opinion, my critique!! :) oh boy! I think me likes!! (see, I'm starting already...)

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Here are some pics from the trip out here as well as some local shots...

The new car ready to go

Open road

I think we saw this truck a few times

Look, ma, a train....

The desert does strange things to a camera

I think the name says it all...

Visitor center...looks very Southwestern, no?

Yucca plant

The desert

More desert

and again

sun setting....on the desert

Vicki the desert

you can guess where this be...

Stop and shop!!

complete with Running Indian (no, I did not make that up!)

Another stop on the way


Look ma! Another train!

Oooh, Saguaros!! You know we're in Arizona!!

Cactus bud

Along the Continental Divide

We made it to Cali!!

...and miles to go....

Our little hotel in 29 Palms

There's our room

Greenery at the hotel

The view from our little hilltop

Which-a-way, George??

Joshua Tree National Park
Visitor Center

Ocotillo Cactus

I could use a beer...
hey! Look!! Damn! Empty!

The Joshua Trees begin

Doesn't look much fun to climb

Life in the desert

Dried broken gourd

My car looks so small!

Too bad they had this sign where there
weren't very many Joshua Trees...

Some cool rock formations

I tried to climb this one and sit in the eyeball...
I just couldn't make it..too short

This one's got to be quite old

Ah! Finally, the forest!

Another view

Vicki in the forest, looking awfully tiny in comparison!

Ok, we're going the right way!!

Boxes in the dining room...

Boxes in the kitchen...

Boxes in the bedroom....

Vicki gets to work!!

El gato checking things out...

and making sure the chairs are up to snuff

The local train stop...

St. Joseph Church

Old tree on the beach

Carpinteria State Beach

People walking along the beach

Woman walking her dog

Sea anemone

And a few more having a party...

A clam showing off...

Crabby Joe

The beach in the other direction

High tide coming

July 1st car show

Linden Avenue in Carpinteria

Jacaranda and Palm Trees