Thursday, February 22, 2007

Earlier this week, we were blessed with sun and 75 degree weather. Fabulous. Today, the California winter has returned with a vengeance. Dull gray skies push down, shrouding the hilltops; the rain just started. The little red geraniums I bought the other day add a splash of color in an otherwise dreary day.

It's depressing. This type of weather, while occasionally a nice welcome, also dampens any motivation I might have had to get anyting done. I've turned on all the lights inside to try and fool myself that there is some brightness right now. But I know it's only a substitute. I have to push through this and make myself do things. It's not what I want, but it's what I need to do to feel better. Sitting around sipping from a mug of hot chocolate sounds much better. Life goes on.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

some pics

I did this after Christmas and then never posted it. Some are pictures I took over the Christmas break, others are taken at different times. either way, it's where I grew up

This is near Phil Foster Park at the base of the island.
The old mariner used to be in front of a bank years ago.

My sis was feeding the gulls...

This is the Ocean Mall. It's old and a bit run down...
and the center of an ongoing battle between the city and
residents. The city wants to tear it down and build high rises,
while residents want to keep the Ocean Mall and public beach.

Last I heard, the residents were suing the city to put
this up on the next ballot in March and let residents
vote. The city is counter-suing because they don't
want this on the ballot. Basically, the city wants to do
whatever the hell it wants with no regard for what the
constituency wants. Assholes.

Some of the shops here at the Ocean Mall
have been around since I was a kid...

Like Mother Nature's Pantry. They have some
awesome smoothies!!

This is the other side of the parking lot. I took this
picture in June. You can see the roof damage from the
hurricanes. This side of the mall was condemned and
as of Christmas had been torn down.

A closer view.

This is at the inlet near my house. You can tell whether
the tide is coming in or out by which way the bouy points.
That's Palm Beach across the way.

Another view. In the distance is the power plant.

This is the Pump House. Its sole purpose is to dredge
the sand that builds up on our side and spit it back out
at Palm Beach.

This little guy is a gannet. I saved him last Christmas (2005).
According to the wildlife sanctuary I took him to, they migrate from
south of the Equator and lots of the young ones that haven't gotten
enough to eat get too tired to fight and get washed on shore. They can't
walk on land and many just die of fatigue. This guy still had lots of fight.

This was taken from the little bridge of the Pump House.

Look how pretty that water is!! This was Christmas Eve.

Here, the Pump House again from the end of the jetty.

And looking down the beach.

See all that green stuff? Moss! Slippery, wet moss!
No, I did not fall on my ass, although it was close...
the things I do for ya...

Some night shots. Those of you reading from when
I started this blog may or may not remember this pic.

A picture of one of the Marriot timeshares.

Both Marriott structures.

This is the beach at night looking towards the condos
at the north end of the island.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Saturday night it rained.

I love when it rains at night. It gives the night a certain mood, even if you go out, as I did. I was meeting friends for dinner. My first inclination was to cancel and stay home and curl up on my foofy chair, warm, comfortable and dry. But I felt bad because it was someone's birthday and people had already cancelled. I have plenty of nights home; birthdays only come once a year.

I'm glad I went. As I drove up, the rhythm of the raindrops and the slap of the windshield wipers meshed with the music oozing out of the car stereo. The street lights reflect on the street in long, shiny streaks of color against a dark background.

I arrived early. I grabbed my umbrella and decided to just browse the windows along State St. Rain quells the normal activity of a Saturday night. Only a few people were out; those that were either huddled together under umbrellas or just hunched their shoulders as they walked quickly, trying to stay dry.

I walked on, umbrella in hand, falling footsteps and raindrops harmonizing pretty well. There is something oddly meditative and calming about a solitary walk in the rain.

Saturday, February 03, 2007's California...

The other day, I was thinking how I haven't been noticing all these differences of my living in California like I did when I first moved. I figured that I must be getting used to it and just not noticing it all that much. Then, today, I went to my friend's wedding, and, well, I had to try and control my fits of laughter during the whole ceremony. It was terrible. I mean really, what sort of person laughs at a wedding. It's supposed to be a solemn ceremony...where two people begin their lives together, blahblahblah. And here I was crying from trying not to laugh!!!

It started when the pastor began "I'm just so stoked to be here..." (snort...giggle)

"And it's an awesome thing, just totally awesome, this union, I mean, it's beautiful. And today is beautiful, and this couple is awesome, and you all are awesome for being here to celebrate this beautiful union. God is beautiful, He's just so awesome from bringing us all here for this beautiful wedding....How cool. This is totally cool. The bride? She's just beautiful, and the groom? He's awesome. No wonder God brought them together. How radical is that?" (snort...repress the giggle..tears are forming...)

I don't think it helped that I was sitting with some friends and we were all trying not to laugh. D. had to stop looking at me or she would have lost it. Every time I looked at her, she had a grin on her face but kept concentrating on her hands on her lap. S. kept nudging me every time the pastor said cool or awesome, which was almost every sentence.

Then, it came time for the rings.

Pastor Dude: "J., do you have the ring? Wow, that's pretty. It's awesome! Can you all see the ring? It's perfect. Beautiful. And it's round. Cool." (granted, he tied that in to God's love being perfect and encircling us, but still...bwahahaha...)

This is so unlike any other ceremony I have ever been to...I can't say I subscribe to any religion even though I was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school and their solemn services for years. All I could think is, "yep, I'm in California."

Friday, February 02, 2007

What a life...

I just took a walk up to the state beach. The winter waves rose into a perfect curl before crashing into froth in regular intervals. The seagulls huddled on the beach. An older couple had brought beach chairs. They sat there, warmly dressed, and watched the waves.