Friday, May 18, 2007

it's electric...

When we first moved to the US, we had an electric car for a while. It's one of those vague memories from childhood. I remember seeing the car, which we had named Tweeky (after the robot in Buck Rogers, anyone remember that show???) plugged in to the outlet outside. It was smaller than our other cars and squarish.

We never used it much, but every once in a while, we'd load up in Tweeky and go for a ride. I don't think that we all fit, because with 5 kids and 2 adults, it would have been a super tight squeeze. We'd just drive around for a while, then head back home and put the car away again until the next time.

Yes, that was family entertainment, driving around in the electric car for a bit and then going back home.

At some point, my parents got rid of Tweeky. I don't remember when or why, but Tweeky just disappeared one day. We didn't notice for a while.

Monday, May 07, 2007


good morning

god ring rod moor non ongoing morn groin
morn groin din nom moron dog norm do

norm do dim on gong gin morning grog
morning grog minor nor don grid doom dig

doom dig rind no good grin goo grim
goo grim mind gird rim moon or rid

or rid moo go ion in id donor
id donor grind inn room noon dorm nod

dorm nod gig rig groom mood

-Kari-Erik Tallmo

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Driving home from work down the 101, I looked out at the pretty blue ocean, the sunlight glinting off the waves. It made me homesick because as pretty as it is, it's still cold and I can't go swimming in it without risking hypothermia and pneumonia (which means I am not going in that water...). I miss swimming in the ocean.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today's adventure

Today, I decided to go out for a little ride.
Here, you can see my little voiture is quite dirty!

This little dude watches over me and my car.
I mean, really, if you were going to take this car,
wouldn't seeing the snarly dude scare ya? I thought so.

I also have my cool purse that I got at the
Avocado festival back in Oct.

It's easy to always go for the beach here, but less than
2 miles from the house, the road winds up into the hills.
Every time I drive this way, I see this house. It's quite amazing.
They have horses, and lots of land--pretty much
all the land from the road to the house is theirs!

Just a bit further up the road, these old oak trees
create a really cool scene.

Continuing along, across the street from Toro Canyon Park,
more trees and really cool gullies.
It looks really cool in B&W too!

Not too much further along, one of today's
destinations. Here, with the mountains in the background,
is the Vedanta temple. I first saw it on the map
when I first moved here. It's a nice little place
to visit and just get away from things.
This is right by the parking lot.

This is a close-up of the flowers. I have no idea what
they are, but they seem to grow almost everywhere here.
I have no idea how old this bell is...

Getting a closer look, you can see it's quite worn and aged.

The dragon keeps watch at the top of the bell...
From this side of the temple, you can
see a little path through the grounds...

You can wander the a bee gets some nectar
from some purpley flower. Lots of flowers, lots of bees.

Rocks and flowers..
There were birds of paradise...

And this one seems particularly vicious,
trying to get at me through the bushes.

But I don't think it was a match for this...

I think I surprised Mr. Bunny with his cart...

And of course, be careful of the spiky plants....

Like this...pretty, but I'd hate to accidentally sit on this.
There were even sheep...
Back to the temple...check out those clouds hanging over the mountains!

At the temple doors, a sign...
And just by the stairs, this tree. I love the
texture of the branches, smooth and sinewy.

Another stop today was one of the old churches originally
built by the Spaniards. Haha...I wouldn't have expected this...

Right by the parking lot, more prickly plants!

But then again, roses are also prickly.

A close-up...

The architecture is definitely cool.

Some of the features are pretty cool,
like the round windows.

This is inside...a little prayer spot

On the grounds is a fountain of St. Francis.

And a little stone bench...doesn't look very comfy, does it?

And one last shot before I leave...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


One of my self-appointed tasks for this week has been to take better care of the yards. Weeds were starting a coup and it was time for me to put a stop to it. I mean really! Just who do they think they are? A bad radio song that won't go away?? I'd been ignoring them for a while, thinking that maybe they'd take the party elsewhere; instead, they grew stronger and multiplied. If I hadn't done something soon, I would have had to fear for my own safety, not to mention small pets that happen to be wandering nearby (I'd include el Gato in that but she's not exactly small.)

So, I got the implements of their doom out, namely garden gloves and the weed picker, and started pulling and yanking and tearing and ripping those suckers out! Oh, did they put up a fight. A few times, I had both feel firmly planted and was using both hands to pull and still they weren't budging!! If they had let go suddenly, I would have fallen back on my butt!

I can't believe how deep those roots go. Some of the teeniest weeds have roots that go down a good 6-7 inches into the ground. What the hell?? How do they do this? Is it some sort of weed conspiracy? That they send the roots down first and then start sprouting above ground? Sneaky little bastards. Of course, it could be my own fault since I have been carelessly ignoring them for the past few months (lalala, I don't see you weeds!!) How silly of me to think that they'd just go away on their own.

It was a long battle. We went back and forth, took breathers then started again. El Gato was watching my back, coming to check in and warning me of any surreptitious attack, and giving me words of encouragement (meow.) Once it was over, only a few stragglers remained, heads down, admitting defeat. They know what's coming. As for me, I headed back inside and lay there hurting. It was a hard fight.