Friday, November 30, 2007


Today in class, we had to bring a print that we would like to include in our portfolio. In just a few weeks, we will be presenting a portfolio to a panel of judges for them to praise or tear apart as each judge feels is fit. Ah, yes, this is the rite of passage for any student that goes into upper division.

I've heard different things about the portfolio review. I even heard some horror stories in which the judge told a student to get into a different line of work--also, the teacher told us about one judge that was having a bad day and cussed a student out! From my classmates, I heard it was a mixed bag. Some got their work slammed but still received a good grade. Others didn't get slammed too badly but then got a bad grade. Of course, it was rare that all three judges loved it-I have the feeling it'll be a bit like going up for review by Simon, Paula and Randy (hey! did you ever think that if Randy had a name with three syllables, they could be like the chipmunks.."Alvin, Simon, Thee-o-dooooore" ok back to my post...) Sometimes I also think they tear something apart just to see how a person will react. I dunno, just an idea.

The picture you see up there is the one I submitted in class. It's taken from a sundial at the cemetery at the Santa Barbara Mission. We discussed some other shots I'd taken and I came away remember how subjective this is and how our approach is different. My teacher wants me to use lights and set this up and that up, while I'd rather use available light. He wants me to make it more dramatic (which could be interesting) and give it a feel of horror, while I completely disagree. If that's how he feels about cemeteries and death, so be it, but I don't and I won't take the pictures to fit someone else's idea of what it should be like. I think this'll be interesting.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

morning ritual

Cat: MraaaoOOO
Me: What? Whattayawant??
Cat: Mraao?
Me: What you want food?
Cat: Mrooooow
Me: Oh, you think you're getting fed..
Cat: MROW!
Me: No!
Me: Leave me alone cat!!
Cat: Maow...
Me: Maow
Cat: Mraaaooow
Me: Mraaaooow
Cat: Miau?
Me: Miau
Cat: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Cat: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Me: Mraaaaaaaoooooouuuu
Cat: Maou
Me: HA! So you say!!
Me: oh shut up!
Cat: Mroow...
Me: Yeah, you want this food??
Cat: Mrrpprrrrrr...

Yeah, I need a life

Friday, November 09, 2007

Shades of Gray

Gray is my least favorite color, if you can even call it a color. Stuck between black and white, it doesn't know what it is or what it wants to be. It's a shade of indecision, a state of being non-descript, blending in so as not to be noticed. It's an in-between. I drove into gray country yesterday. God, how depressing. Gray skies hanging over grayish hills, dead grass and not much else.

I kept driving, hoping to find something at least somewhat interesting but the grayness of the day just sucked the life out of everything.

I'm glad I did make the drive however. I've considered moving out of my little apartment to try and find something cheaper and I've seen many ads for places in Lompoc and Santa Maria, and I've wondered just how far each is. I passed Lompoc yesterday and drove to Santa Maria and now know I will never live there if I can help it! Not only is it too far, it was depressing.

In the middle of nowhere, the first exit for Santa Maria is the Crossroads shopping plaza-cookie cutter big-box shopping. I stopped for lunch and the overall feeling was oppressive, the feeling of a depressed town. Maybe it was just because of the weather but I didn't really care. I didn't have my map with me so I decided to just head back home after this.

Arriving back at my apartment, I found my photo gear that I had shipped from Florida had arrived. Today, I'm heading south, towards Ventura, along one of my favorite drives.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

oh, the (imaginary) drama!

I am soooo screwed!!

I've not even been back in California a week and already I'm freezing my buns off!! Really!! I'm just not meant for cold weather!! I was born near the equator! I don't belong anywhere cold, or even chilly!

I've turned into wimpsicle-a frozen wimp!! Yep, that's moi!

I hope my nose doesn't fall off. It's not very big to begin with and I think I'd look pretty damn weird with no nose. I mean, sometimes in Florida, I'd be in an air-conditioned store and my nose would start to ache from the cold!!! Then, as soon as I'd get back outside into 80some degree weather, my whole body would relax and just soak it in, letting me and my nose thaw out! Now, here I am and the temp's not even hitting 70 for a high!! This is serious!

To give you some idea of just how ugly this is going to get for me...I actually used a blanket when we had the AC on in Florida!! Then, when we finally turned off the AC because the high was only 84 or so, I felt wonderful. I just looooooved it!! I didn't feel cold at all, but not hot either! Just like Goldilocks was juuuuuust right!

But now?? Now...well, I'm freezing. Didn't I say that already? If I didn't, let me say it now-- I'm freezing!! And yes, I am going to keep bitching about it. While it may not make the cold go away, at least I'll get riled up enough to keep my toes from going numb! It's so bad that I've even contemplated getting those f-UGG-ly fur lined boots...but good taste has to prevail. If only I could just hibernate.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


In the dark, I slowly open one eye-then the other-trying to make sure that any movement does not bring back the monster thrashing inside my head; the beast abating only with still and darkness.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Monster Mash

Haunted house tour 2007
Each year, my friend's bro and his girlfriend's house tranforms from a Fort Lauderdale house into a haunted house, luring innocent bystanders in...Preparations take just over a month-this year they had a line down the block. From zombies to monsters and clowns in hiding, chainsaws, blood, it was a good time.

The cast after the show.
The quote of the night:
"you know you've done a good job when you've made the kiddies cry"