Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After the Rain

With the rain falling for days, I've been lethargic at best. It's as if the solid gray skies invaded my head and induced me to sleep as much as I could. 

And I did. 

Yesterday, I woke to sun pounding on my windows, berating the shades for blocking the windows. The lethargy lifted at least a bit. Enough to get me going.

For now the rain is done.

Friday, January 25, 2008


This is the 2nd or 3rd day in a row of rain. Good rain. Not your meager little drizzly pathetic sort of rain (which ought to not be considered rain at all really) but a good downpour complete with thunder and lightning, and power outages!


I say that with full glee, because I honestly believe in a good violent downpour every once in a while. Let the rain come down and wash everything away. Ok, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic  but it certainly is needed.

Last winter, we didn't have much rain at all. The consequence? The Zaca Fire, starting on July 4, and burning for months, finally being contained in September and controlled at the end of October. Dude, that is a long burn. And I am not a fan of breathing all the crud that the wind blows our way from those fires. Nosirreee!

So, this winter, we're getting rain. Up in the hills/mountains, they're getting snow. Earlier today I marvelled at being able to see the snow caps when the clouds cleared for a bit. Within a few hours, the 

Although I am not a fan of the cold and damp, for whatever reason, this we're having now feels right. And good. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life in a Small Town

The shops are all dark, having closed for the day hours ago. Many restaurants are also dark as I pass by. A man unchains his bicycle outside the empty restaurant with its lights still on. As I continue, I pass a window that, with its lights all on, seems out of place. But it is empty, having gone out of business recently. A lone police car glides by and turns down a quiet street.

No other cars pass.

It's barely 9:30.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Return

After meeting up with a friend to catch up yesterday, the hours passed quickly, bringing me home much later than originally anticipated with the final packing still to be done.

4:30am came much too quickly as I rose, showered and staggered into the kitchen, my mom already up and commenting that it's a quarter of five and will I be ready in time. Squint and grunt seem to be common responses from me in those dark pre-dawn hours.  

A harried search for the car keys proves fruitless even after checking my luggage to make sure I didn't accidentally pack them. The spare keys come handy and we're on our way, catching all the red lights that seem to last forever when there is no opposing traffic. 

The rest of the trip goes smoothly with all the holiday travel finished and a half-empty plane allowing me to stretch out and claim the whole row for myself.  No change of planes, just a couple of stops along the way and soon, we're hitting turbulence as we descend to LAX. Again, the throngs of people in LAX amaze me. It really is its own little world, isn't it? 

Now, I'm back in California, and again feeling torn between two worlds. I don't know that that will ever go away.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Heading to LAX, I took the Airbus. It’s really worth it but the early wake up call is harsh. I like it because I can look out the window at the ocean until I fall asleep.

I saw a car with tires that were mostly rim. It was weird. I wonder if it helps with mileage or if it’s just for looks. And how quickly it would deflate with a nail in it.

I can’t believe the amount of UGG boots I am seeing. However, I am happy to report that some of them are a bit better looking than the stereotypical beige with the white fluff. The black and dark brown ones could almost pass for normal shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I am amused by women wearing tight little pumps or slip on high heels while trying to maneuver their luggage. While some women have no problem with this, you can also tell the ones that are uncomfortable because, rather than taking normal steps, they seem to shuffle along, taking half steps, not yet having mastered their own shoes.

The sight of an airplane whooshing overhead as it comes in for landing, seeming as if it will land on the road, still thrills me. However, as a passenger, my favorite part is the take-off.

Taking off from LAX, the airplane heads west first, out over the Pacific before looping back and heading inland. The view from up high affords a particular view I always look to see if I can catch a glimpse of some sort of marine life. Today I was not disappointed. At first thinking it a shark, I looked closer and realized I had just caught sight of my first whale in the Pacific. Gorgeous.

I wonder about fellow travelers and passengers as I see them in the airports-like the woman that just walked by wearing a full length fur coat-in Florida. Granted, it is cold and my fleece is barely enough to keep me warm, but overkill in both senses of the word doesn’t appeal to me.

Florida is still one of the top states people go to die. At least half of the passengers on my plane to Tampa were elderly and the airline had a staggering 11 requests for wheelchairs. Amazing.

I so appreciate the airports that give their travelers free wi-fi internet access. It always seems to be the smaller airports though. Imagine a world where LAX would allow free internet!!

So far, I haven’t seen one single pair of UGG boots in Florida.

I finally saw the UGG boots here in Florida at PBI..and they were the ugliest I've seen yet-with the white fur in a line/square pattern on the outside of the boots. UGGGGLY!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

good beginnings

New Year's Eve was great. Time spent with friends, drinking and laughing till the wee hours of the morning until sleep won me over.

New Year's Day...big breakfast with friends and mimosas before sitting around the big fire outside, watching the birds and squirrels and tasting different types of chocolate before heading home.

Today...another good day. Hiking and joking around about the mountain dogs and snakes that will get you. Not quite as funny and enough to inspire a wariness...jokes about the mountain cat, but still...good times. 

Tomorrow, I fly off to Florida to visit for a quick week. While last week, my mom had to turn on the AC at night, this week is a different story with temperatures dropping into the 30's tonight, but recovering back into the 60's tomorrow. Maybe the 4th or 5th it'll be warm enough for the beach again. I could use a little dip in the ocean.