Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just experienced my first earthquake!! Sitting here at work, all of a sudden, I feel kind of light-headed and then, it seems like the floor is moving. Hmm...occasionally, my body does that to me, but only for about a second (like getting up really fast). This instead continues, and I notice that things that aren't fixed down are swaying. Ok, now I know that's not just my head.
I ask my co-worker, "Was that an earthquake???"
CW (offhandedly): oh yeah, but that was nothing.
Me: That was my first earthquake!!
CW: Really? Wait till you get a rough one where everything shakes. You better hang on then.
Me: No, that's when I run outside and throw myself on the ground.
CW: well, just don't go under anything that can fall on you, like power lines.
Me: (silence)

So, there you go...two years and I have finally experienced my first earthquake.