Wednesday, April 23, 2008

on the theme of dogs..

What will they come up with next?

I just saw this article that basically states that Yeah, they did a study!! I mean, what will they find next? That cats meow to communicate? And that different barks and meows convey different things?? Get outta here!! No way!!
That is just freakin' amazing!!

I think they might be on par with some others...smoking cigarettes is addictive!!  Playing drinking games leads to high blood alcohol level!!  Parents of newborns don't get very much sleep! I mean, really!! Where do they come up with this?  Here are few more suggestions for studies...presented as questions of they can find-- the Answers! 

Does eating reduce hunger (or drinking water reduce thirst???)
Will riding a bicycle get you somewhere faster than walking? What about driving a car?
Do people that work inside near windows ever look outside?
Does eating a big meal make people sleepy?
Does rain fall from the sky?

This list could go on... got any suggestions for more ridiculous stories? 

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A while back, I went up to Knapp's Castle with a friend of mine (more info here and here.) I'd never been and I thought it would be a fun little hike. Well, little is right, as the walk from the car to the ruins was very short, but it was still a fun little trip. We made our own little adventure by going back to the car over the hill instead of heading back to the trail.

This is the first view as we walked up the path

This used to be part of the entrance, or part of a chimney?

The view from Knapp's Castle. Can you imagine what it must
have been like living here, waking up every morning to this view?

Digging around, my friend found buried treasure-ok,
not necessarily treasure, but a little cache for people
to find and then sign and leave it for the whoever finds it next.

C. signing. He's now part of the saga.

We climbed a nearby hill to this view.
Here, C. surveys the layout. My car is parked down
there somewhere. We decided to take this route back down.

And finally, almost back to the car.